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KEN!- tell the lovely lady where to find a MSF course in FL. I suggest the state funded MSF courses- they are probably cheaper.

There are bunches of bike shops in your area. Pop the phone book open- look for used sales under the Motorcycle heading and call them. Ask how any used bikes they have on the floor. Go to the one with the largest selection. Get a website address if possible- that way you can see what they advertise on line. Good Luck ;-)
Bruce Rossmeyer's Harley Davidson of Pompano Beach does the course every weekend. (954) 580-0501. There are other choices, but I hear great things about the instructors there.

Used bikes in FtL: there are about 5 shops along Sunrise just East of I-95 with everything imaginable for sale from scooters to choppers to 250/500 cc sport bikes. Riva Powersports at Dixie Hwy and Sample Rd has about 100 used bikes at any given time of all sizes and types.

Love to see you out there, stay in touch!
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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