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Help me make a decision....

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Take a look at the new Ducati Sport Classic GT1000 as well. It's got room for two plus it will have bags and a windshield as accessories.

I haven't seen pricing yet but I'm guessing about $9995.

I may be trading my ST4 for one.
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take a look at the aprilia futura. great bike. good, watertight hardbags, though some large laptops won't fit. good power, great ergos. some don't get great mileage but i am told that the latest efi map will fix that. also, you can but a lightly used one pretty cheap. i paid about 8.5k for mine with 1100 miles on the clock. i get around 30mpg out of mine, but still running the 01 efi map.
1 - 1 of 47 Posts
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