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The WeeStrom rocks...

The WeeStrom is great. You can get a WeeStrom, get the forks redone, get the brakes redone with SS lines, a full set of touring luggage, and still have enough left over to buy a SECOND one for the price of one GS.

The WeeSTrom is a great "do anything" bike, as long as it can really be called a road.

ITs comfortable, good 2-up (we've done LA to SAN and back 2-up, and MotoGP 2-up), good touring (I've done SF->LA->SF before on it), it gets good mileage, the luggage looks good on it (we have a 3-case givi setup).

However, it doesn't have all the power you would WANT. If you want more power, check out the VStrom Thou...
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