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Help me make a decision....

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Take a look at the new Ducati Sport Classic GT1000 as well. It's got room for two plus it will have bags and a windshield as accessories.

I haven't seen pricing yet but I'm guessing about $9995.

I may be trading my ST4 for one.
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I have three suggestions...V-Strom, V-Strom, and V-Strom. The type of area you live in is what the V-Strom was made for. If you haven't ridden for 20 years, the 650 will have PLENTY of power for anything you throw at it, and you will think it is the best riding/handling, most powerful motorcycle you have ever owned.For the money you can't go wrong, and even discounting the money factor, you still can't go wrong with the V-Strom 650. It is an awesome motorcycle. Save some cash and at the same time get yourself a big sh*t eating grin that just won't go a V-Strom.
1 - 1 of 47 Posts
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