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Help me make a decision....

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Take a look at the new Ducati Sport Classic GT1000 as well. It's got room for two plus it will have bags and a windshield as accessories.

I haven't seen pricing yet but I'm guessing about $9995.

I may be trading my ST4 for one.
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It looks like youve narrowed it down to the Buell or Monster. They're both great. In my area both the Ducati and Buell dealers let you take test rides. Test ride em and buy the one that feels best. If your dealers wont let you ride, at least sit on em and see how they feel. If you still cant make a decision(i.e.:" I want both!!"),go to the dealers with a stop watch . Look at the bikes; buy the one that gives you a woody quickest. In other words,buy the bike YOU like best...dont listen to us opinionated jerks! Now... if you ask my opinion as a 50 something guy, I think the 800cc monster will meet your needs and your rusty skills perfectly.
All good suggestions here. Also, check out Moto Guzzi and Triumph.

Decide between the Ducati and Buell this way.

Method #1

Get a test ride on a new Harley Sportster 1200R. Then go home and list out separately, why you'd rather own a Ducati or Buell than the Sportster. Compare those two lists to pick the best features between the Duc and Buell.

Method #2.

Buy the Ducati S2R 1000. As you get older you will be less likely to get the Ducati and more likely to get any one of the other bikes mentioned so far. This is not a time to play it safe.

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Well, I used to live in Bethel and went through Gorham weekly so I kind of know the area. I thought the roads were ok, not great, but not so bad as to require a dual sport. I'd go Buell, Bandit 1200s, or ZRX1200R. Whatever you get, go used. The depreciation on motorcycles is unreal...

As far as the laptop goes, bring a backpack. There are some really neat motorcycle specific packs out there, and you've got to bring it inside when you get to your destination anyway.
Stick with the Buells. I carry an Apple laptop in my Timbuk2 without any issues on my XB-12S Lightning.
Ditto this comment!
Ginger or Mary Ann?

Buy the one that speaks to your heart. Ginger may have been the hottie, but... Mary Ann is the one to come home to every night.
Re: Ginger or Mary Ann?

...that's what I was thinking...
Re: The WeeStrom rocks...

Sargent makes a seat for it now also.
Agreeance...I love mine. I bought it new in February and haven't had many good days to ride it here in NJ. I commuted 60 miles round trip the past two days to work. Other than trying to figure out how to hide helmet hair in the corporate office I work in, it left me with a mile wide smile. One of the guys at work, who is living vicariously through me, said he hadn't seen a smile that wide since he looked in the mirror right after the first time he got laid. Go for what you want, but I love my Weestrom.
Re: Ginger or Mary Ann?

I always thought "Lovey" was the real tigress. Experience is what it's all about. ;-)
Wow, just got home after checking out some new Buells. Thanks to all who have contributed here. I appreciate it.

You know, the V-Strom is indeed a true bargain. Some hate the looks but, sitting on it, I don't notice the looks! I am partial to the 650 actually.


There is just something about those Buells! I sat on a Lightning XB12Ss (long) and it fit me like a pair of 5 year old Levi's! The Ducati Monster...well, I immediately felt my wrists taking the weight of my upper half. It was an awkward (for me anyway) riding position.

The Buell Lightning? Ahhhhh....that's it! Upright position with no stress on the wrists. It was a very noticeable difference from the Ducati. Feet planted on ground easily (I am 5'10") and man, it just felt like it was made just for me. Swinging my leg over the V-Strom 650 was a bit of a chore but, the Lighting? Ooooo baby.

I have seen many a Buell go by me but never really heard one. Today I heard one and it was an odd sensation seeing a bike that I expected to sound like maybe a 2 stroke even but, sounded like thunder going by me. I keep hearing this voice in my head "gotta' get that Buell"!! The sound, the look (badass), the handling, the whole "Harley" thing. It is a bike I would have loved back in my youth.

But yeah, braxx444, you touched on something I have considered. I am also saving for the new MacBook Pro 17" and yeah, it CAN be done can't it!? A MacBook Pro on my back and a Buell underneath me. I am getting a very nice visual!!

I'll post here when I have bought my choice (I change my mind a lot) and even include a photo! Again, thanks to all and by all means keep 'em coming!
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Sounds like you got it bad! Go with your the Buell!!!
You wait, just wait until you hear an XB with one of Kevin Drum's "Drummer" pipes on it. Oh man, that is the best sound in motorcycling, I promise you. Not nearly as loud as a Harley with straight pipes, but deeper and sharper and just crackling with energy. Sounds just like a big-block V8 race motor from an old Daytona Cobra. Outrageous!
According to Ducati's North American website, Buz is spot on: MSRP $9995.

It comes in metalic grey or red.
Triumph Daytona 955i.

Trust me on this. I'm 55 and bought one last summer after a long hiatus thinking I would make myself understand I was too old for the style and sell it or buy aftermarket risers and seat. I have kept it stock and have put 4000 miles on it. I can ride it all day and all night and plan to keep it forever.

Buell's are cool but the Daytona has more cowbell!
The V-strom 650. I have a 2005 in the faster red color. Lots of farkles have been added to it. For the money, a wonderful all around bike. I am the same age as you and have owned maybe a dozen or more bikes of all kinds. I love this Vstrom. Just love it.
My Two Cents

I owned the V-Strom 650 and I loved it. Amazing machine!! I really wanted to use it more as a touring bike, so I sold it to my friend, and got the V-

Strom 1000. I will tell you this: what an amzing motor in a do it all motorcycle that has plenty of power and versatility. It is not as go anywhere as the 650. The 650 feels more like a big dirt bike, unless you take it in actual dirt. However, it can take any kind of paved road you can throw at it.

The V-Stroms really offer alot of bike for the dough.
What about the Triumph Tiger? For $10,500 you get a 6.6 gallon tank, hardbags, 2 up riding, a nice 100BHP+ engine.

I had not thought of one before but, on the way home last night saw one in a dealer's window. I just may take a look at this. It's looks don't exactly blow me away but, this looks like it'd be worth checking out.

What say ye?
Believer in the Buell..........

Been a rider most of my life as well, off at 25, back in the saddle at 36. About 2 months ago I picked up a Buell Lightning XB12S, and have had a big friggin smile on my face ever since. Roads suck where I am in South Texas, (both in the traditional sense of potholes, etc., and really sucks in that I've a bike whose motto is "own the corners" and the only corners I have access to are the freeway interchanges..... sigh....) but this bike absorbs them like a sponge when you get the suspension dialed in to your weight and ride preferences. DO take the time to get the suspension dialed in.

I could not be happier with my choices, and as for the cargo thing, a bag will in short order become a part of your body. Invest in a good backpack.

Get back in the game, whatever you do. ***** of your spouse, give up whatever you need too, but get back on 2 wheels. It's worth the risk, it's worth the money, it's worth the hassle, it's worth whatever you have to invest.

Don't let life go by. Pull the trigger!

Shiny side up......!

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