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Help me make a decision....

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Take a look at the new Ducati Sport Classic GT1000 as well. It's got room for two plus it will have bags and a windshield as accessories.

I haven't seen pricing yet but I'm guessing about $9995.

I may be trading my ST4 for one.
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Having owned a v-strom 1000 for 2 years and 20,000 miles I have to say it is a good all around bike with especially supple supension for less than perfect roads,but that being said it is the first bike I ever bought purely on function ( I've owned 30+ bikes) and felt zero passion when I rolled it off the showroom floor (much like buying an appliance) and still feel the same about it. Buy the one that makes you loose sleep, out of all the bikes I've owned those are the one's I wish I still had.

Re: Believer in the Buell..........

Hey Rob,

Is the Buell perhaps TOO much for me? I mean will the front wheel lift off as a "surprise" and put me off? Or, is it controllable in that there are no surprises? I guess I want to determine if it is a bike I could "get back on the saddle" with after a few years off. KNow what I mean?

I love the way it "fits" me. If I had my way I'd take the Uylesses in a heartbeat but, it is SO tall. I'd like to see Buell make a bike that is a sort of semi Uylesses. One that can go 2up and have hardbags but also be a bit lower to the ground like the Lightning.
Re: Believer in the Buell..........

The XB's torque is completely controllable-- the front wheel will stay on the ground if you want it to. Just keep your inner hooligan on his choke-chain, (if you can, heh). The 12 was MY path back to riding and it has proven to be a good choice and faithful steed.

Ditto on your desire for a bike with the Uly's amenities but less height. I'll bet there's 8 inches of air between my footsies and Earth, while perched on that bike. Somebody find my KISS boots...
I would also check out the Moto Guzzi and Triumph before a purchase. I own a Moto Guzzi and a Honda, Love them both but the Guzzi just does something for me the Honda doesn't. The Breva 750 comes highly recommended for new and returning riders. One of my riding friends has a new Triumph Bonneville America and loves it. In two years he has had no problems with it. For myself I would not own another bike that did not have shaft drive. Both my Guzzi and Honda are shaft drive and I will never go back to a chain or belt. Just my 2c.

Joe in Atlanta
What he says. I was in exactly your position (except geographically), bought too much bike, and the re-learn is worse than I expected. No, you don't forget how, but you're older and bikes are *way* different (and *way* more powerful) than they were when you & I last rode.

Here's a link to an excellent Tiger group. I'd pick the Tiger over the V-Strom or BMW but as you can guess I'm a bit of a Triumph nut.
Ever thought about a Buell Thunderbolt? If you get the "T" model in the right years you get the same engine as the lightning. The "T" is for touring. Has higher handelbars for a more upright position. It is made with a wider seat and has quite a bit more room for the passenger. It's actually built on the same frame as the lightning. It just has a little extension on it to fit the longer body.

hope it helps
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