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KSJO needs to be shut down

I used to listen to KSJO because they play hard rock.

Their DJs are unbelievable though.

I would characterize them as 13 year old

Howard Stern wanna-be's on steroids.

They have a Valentines day Bikini contest for

pregnant women (great concept, sickening execution).

They are virulently hostile to anybody or

anything slightly left of center.

They celebrate teenage self-righteousness.

They try to engage any female callers into

immensely putrid and degrading sexual


I'd be all for boycotting them or their sponsors,

but it would involve going through the

stultifying process of actually listening to that

10000 lb thrust sewage plant ramjet.

I guess there are a lot of

web monkeys in San Jose that really

like that . If any of them ride,

I hope they decide to make a long overdue switch

to any of the 3 other hard-rock stations in the

Bay Area.

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