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Help Protest for Rider Safety

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Good for you, Mike, and all those who participate.

But, since many people can't take the time off work/school/their catatonic state of existence, there are two other things which may be useful alternatives for those who did not or could not attend.

1. Write the station manager. Pen and paper. Keep it polite and clean. A dozen letters have a greater impact than 100 e-mails sometimes.

2. Write or call the sponsors of this pair's time slots. I think there are some laws about boycotts, so don't use that word. But indicate that you are concerned that the company is sponsoring this pair. Since I am not a DoBA (Denizen of Bay Area), I don't know who the sponsors are, but perhaps some Bay Area readers can pass this information on?

Oh yes, first post. On another important story. That seems to be ignored. Again.

Oh yes, first post.
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The nonsense propogated by those DJs is the same kind of "humor" that shock jocks seem to rely upon. It also reminds us that riders are a small minority and that we must stick together to collectively defend ourselves.

I am also a daily rider- why should the commute be a dull waste of time in a gas guzzling cage- but live in Seattle, a bit far away to make the protest.

As a follow up to this protest, we should collectively organize similar demonstrations that we exist everywhere in the country and cannot be targeted for abuse or neglegent destruction. National Ride to Work Day (see is a start.
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