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Help Protest for Rider Safety

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Good for you, Mike, and all those who participate.

But, since many people can't take the time off work/school/their catatonic state of existence, there are two other things which may be useful alternatives for those who did not or could not attend.

1. Write the station manager. Pen and paper. Keep it polite and clean. A dozen letters have a greater impact than 100 e-mails sometimes.

2. Write or call the sponsors of this pair's time slots. I think there are some laws about boycotts, so don't use that word. But indicate that you are concerned that the company is sponsoring this pair. Since I am not a DoBA (Denizen of Bay Area), I don't know who the sponsors are, but perhaps some Bay Area readers can pass this information on?

Oh yes, first post. On another important story. That seems to be ignored. Again.

Oh yes, first post.
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Where do you commute from/to? I commute long distances in the Bay Area too... And yes, I HAVE to lanesplit if I'm to get anywhere.
Re: Lane sharing....


Actually, that isn't true. It'll take some looking, but it's there. Lanesplitting was legalized due to a movement by the CHP (!) because they were/are riding air-cooled bikes on congested freeways.
another car driver's opinion...

...great, thanks for that. So how did you "almost wipe out" someone because they passed 3 inches from your door? Do you weave all over the place? Were you changing lanes without looking? Is there a magnetic field around your car that anything that gets within 3 inches of it almost "wipes out"?

I lanesplit whether it's legal or not. I do it to survive.
Every day from Gilroy to North First Street and 237

40 miles on my 89 CBR 600

15+ miles of it lane splitting/sharing

and every day I pass the KSJO studios

I will be there Friday

I have to agree with lanesplitter, I feel safer in the "middle" lane between cars. I always keep a watchful eye out for people that aren't paying attention, or young highschool males that like to pop back and forth between lanes because they always think the other is moving faster.

But when traffic is wall-to-wall and the cages can't change lanes, the middle between them is awesome -- there's no way they can hit you because they're stuck where they are. It's awesome, and every state should allow lanesplitting.

Conversely, Cali is one of the highest pedestrian-hit-by-a-car states. Growing up in Philly, cars had the right-of-way, and we dodged them, and no one I know got hit. Here, pedestrians have the right-of-way, and aren't allow to cross the street unless in a designated cross-walk. This leads to many accidents and tickets -- car drivers just can't keep up with people darting off the sidewalk, expecting that they stop immediately. Note that many of the crosswalks here don't have stoplights, and cars/vans/trucks are allowed to park before/after them, shielding pedestrians from view... it's a stupid law, or rather, the enforcement is stupid -- once, I got a j-jogging ticket on a residential road for jogging across the street. $75 bucks, and I lost in court. It was considered a "moving violation" and I had to appeal to the court to have points removed off my driving license.

Anyway, while the law should protect the meak (pedestrians and also avid bicyclists from me) the social code should always be that the person that will sustain the least injuries in an accident gets the right-of-way. When I'm hiking, I give way to equestrions, when mountain biking to equestrians and dirt bikers, and when bicycling/motorcycling on the street, I always cede to cages -- and, indeed I always assume the bloke at the light is going to run the right-on-red into my lane, or make that left-hand turn. About one in 500 times they do, but that's the reason I've never crashed a streetbike/testbike.

Regardless, it's a messed up state, for sure, worse when some yahoo on the air is telling people to run bikers down. I think they should be publically flogged, or paraded around the town square naked. What ever happened to humilation in front of your peers as a deterrent? A good idea, lest we do become that Nation of Jailers HST referes to. ;-)
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I've gotta disagree on this one. Getting someone to commit a crime is illegal, but we're talking about people making bad jokes. And it IS relevant that people aren't being run over. If there was a bunch of people being run over, don;t you think this would be a different story? Hell yes, these guys would be in hot water. Just like inciting a riot. If no one riots, how can the person inciting the riot be taken seriously when the would-be rioters didn't take him seriously?? These guys are guilty of being lame and lacking intellegence, and that's about it.
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