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Help to pick my second bike

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Hi all! I have been riding for about a year now on my first and only bike a 2002 Ninja 500R. It has been a great bike but I am now ready to trade up. I like the sport handling of my Ninja but I want my new bike for longer rides (perhaps weekend trips) and some city driving. I live in the California bay area so riding all year is not a problem. I probably want some space for cargo (i.e. lockable trunk) and the ability to bring a passenger.

I would appreciate any suggestions you guys might have!


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My "old" Bandit with a tank bag works pretty good too plus it's air cooled screw and locknut valves and carbs. If you're a total cheapskate like me I'd rather have simple-that-I-can-fix than the latest wizz bang electronica. I gave up deluding myself that I could fix anything on my Exploder except air and oil filters and plugs. Of course being a Ford it's reliable as a brick and doesn't require any repairs.....
Yer startin to sound like one of them brand specific Bozos I heard tell about. :wink:
Once again Dr. Seruzawa picks the fly sh*t out of the pepper and cuts to the chase.....

A Sprint ST or even a low mile Trophy is the best you can get. Fast, reliable, comfy and cheap you can't beat either one. Unless of course you're a total cheapskate and not easily embarrassed, then a Concours will do.
In my experience I could bag up a Busa, and it will sport-tour on it as well as any other bike. It is easily as comfy for me as a VFR, and the 50 extra horsepower doesn't hurt either! :-D
1 - 2 of 42 Posts
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