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Help to pick my second bike

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Hi all! I have been riding for about a year now on my first and only bike a 2002 Ninja 500R. It has been a great bike but I am now ready to trade up. I like the sport handling of my Ninja but I want my new bike for longer rides (perhaps weekend trips) and some city driving. I live in the California bay area so riding all year is not a problem. I probably want some space for cargo (i.e. lockable trunk) and the ability to bring a passenger.

I would appreciate any suggestions you guys might have!


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Try it out! It's not like it's hard to find one.

Keep in mind that ANY bike is likely to need changes to fit you well. An Interceptor can be modified with bar backs, for example, to give you a bit more upright position.
Now that's real adventure touring. That GPS stuff is for pansies! Where's the adventure when you ride in luxury from hotel to hotel?
Gee, I have two GPSs on my 599 . . . :cool:
Well, get rid of 'em. Burn your maps. Ride on bald tires. Head down the nearest dirt road on half a tank of gas and no idea where the heck you are going. Sarnali and I can show anyone how to have a really great "adventure".

You got health insurance, right?

I do love riding down dirt roads! And down here there's no danger in riding on bald tires - who needs tread when it never rains? ;)

As for those GPSs, I really only use 'em when I'm trying to stay on track during an Iron Butt ride and can't spend the time to look at maps. It's a lot safer to have your map up right where you can glance at it yet still keep your eyes on the road too.
1 - 3 of 42 Posts
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