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Help (Virtually) Design a Honda

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I applaud the idea, but laugh at the lack of skill and ideas in the design page. The only thing that anyone COULD modify is the front rake, handlebar height and seat height. What about drag bars, shortening the fenders, raking the tank? Come-ON Dr. Hilgers, these design modifications are NOTHING like what I want a custom bike to look like, and contrary to your beliefs, not everyone wants a Harley clone, its already been done. Dr.hunh,it figures, the only people who can afford to sit in their garage and look at a Harley. I can appreciate a good looking bike as much as the next artisan, but I want to RIDE the thing.
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Come On!

Is that a joke? What a piece of crap! I can't believe they would bother to create a PR event around such a simplistic a useless program. I'm a professional Java developer (for Sun Microsystems) so I can be fairly confident in saying that this program could easily be written in under an hour. Seeing that pathetic thing makes me want to write a real configurable motorcycle program. ...hmmm.
Re: what a waste of time

If that is all you can change on the blue print what a waste. Speak up when you want some REAL ideas.
What a waste of time. Move the seat up and down?! Rake out the front end or move bars up and down!!! Thats it. What genius thought of this? If this is a help to almighty Honda, then we're in big trouble.
Good concept. Poor execution. How do you click and drag to hog out the engine? Where's the recycle bin to trash the big ugly fenders?

This could be a lot more sophisticated. For instance, they could have a little sliding bar graph with "quick steering" on one end and "pig on skates" as the other to indicate what the amoung of chosen rake does to the handling.
I second your comments. I didn't waste my time visiting that site. It sounds like the sketches I did in my youth before I traded my Sportster for a BMW and learned what riding was all about - much more than standing in the garage, staring at a
Those are the rear shocks. Good old standard one-on-each-side rear shocks. Sorry, no Pro-Link racer stuff. You must be a sportbike guy.
Some of you guys need to unclench - this is obviously just a simple demo of the concept.
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