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I cannot get the videos to work in FireFox 2.O and tech support does not seem to care about FireFox. Now the pictures in the new article on twins doesn't show up in Internet Explorer 7.

Most of the photos from older articles are lost.

The new format is a pain to navigate. It's more complex, and more difficult to get to articles than the old interface.

Your productivity for new articles is being out done by a single reporter for the LA Times. This is not getting any better.
The new article works just fine for me in IE 7. I don't use Firefox, so I can't comment on that. Maybe you need to learn how to use the browser properly before saying that things don't work. The new interface is not that hard to navigate and it's easier to find the new articles if you try. We came out of the stone age, and maybe you just like staying in it.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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