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Let me start by saying thanks for the interest in our HID kits. I do have single bulb kits in stock and ready to ship. These kits retail in the shops for 499.99 and only has a one-year replacement warranty. I am selling these for 229.99 to your door with a no questions asked lifetime warranty. (if your bike requires more than one bulb please contact me for discounted pricing) I am new to this site so I'm not real sure how this all works but I do have several hundred kits in stock. If you have any questions please email me: [email protected] or call me direct 219-707-2560

I do have several color choices available as well, from white to blue to purple. These kits are 3x brighter that your stock headlights, and we all know how hard it is to see and been seen at night. This kit is very simple to install and takes about 20 minutes using common household tools. There is no cutting or splicing required, simply plug and play. Our HID kits are backed by a lifetime warranty as well as 7 day a week phone support. Again thank you for the interest and I look forward to serving your motorcycle HID needs.
I do accept credit cards via the telephone as well as paypal.

Please, if you have any question feel free or want to see more pictures of our kits in action shoot an email (or call) my way and I will answer them quickly and to the best of my ability.
How about sending me one of these lights to try. I could be the WV testing center for HID headlights. :)
I could give you a detailed report on how they light up and burn the retinas in all the deer we have here crossing the roads. :D
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