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High powered sport bike claims another

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If he'd invested in a Harley, he'd be alive today.
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# of clicks to get something to come up. That may not be his problem but it's my biggest one at the moment.
UFC Buzz, come to the light. I watched some IFL? last night. Just a brutal sport. Remember to breath when watching some guy get elbowed in the face for the 12 consecutive time.
Put on a tin-foil hat and it works first click.
No. Cupholders require a tin foil jock. I'm having premature eclickutation problems again, BrowningBar must be blocking my signal.
Friend of mine fights in "tap out" yes at 40. His match didn't show up and they paired him with a 23 yo that was 30 pounds up on him and 5 inches taller.

He "tapped out" in less than 30 sec. Ground and pound is an ugly way to go.
1 - 6 of 80 Posts
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