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High powered sport bike claims another

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If he'd invested in a Harley, he'd be alive today.
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I'm sorry, - to whom[/i] are you referring? Some kooky lunatic sock-puppet? We have none here fitting that description.
Your Word(s) for Today is "Pluft-Mud".

Seems there's a lot of this crashin' goin' around these days. This guy was a heluva lot luckier than most, he escaped relatively unscathed.

Be certain to check-out the picture page for a good chuckle, we all need that now and again to offset the ones we DO lose.

As someone on BARF commented: That's a 4-foot concrete wall he had to get over, Dude's got Skilz..........
Sure it was - I'm certain one caught him unawares as he was walking-along the freeway interchange, and picked him up bodily then threw him over the side, into the stinking muck.............
1 - 3 of 80 Posts
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