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High powered sport bike claims another

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If he'd invested in a Harley, he'd be alive today.
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Well, he struck five point-something kids too late...
Ah, that makes a little more sense.
Did you ever see the pictures of some Swedish saftey show ( or some B.S.) with the VFR planted square inside one of them little city cars. I guess it t-boned it at like a buck-fitty and and the whole shyterie went rolling down the road a couple of times.

F*ckin' lasagna in there ya' know?

I can navigate the site properly now.
Or not.....

you can say that again.

two things that interest me about those pics:

firstly, i am curious as to how the baseball cap managed to end up/stay where it did in the first picture.

second, his shoes/boots and even one sock came off, but the bandana draped over his left-back pocket is still there post-wreck, neatly folded.

real or not...those images make you think. very interesting post.

Hey, if I want to learn to ride dirt, and I want to do it on a cheap old '70's dirt bike, what model do you recommend? Remember, I think all bikes should have kickstarts.

I'm thinking of something I can ride to the quasi-legal offroad area, so I'd want an enduro with lights. No more than 5 miles or so on road. Ideas?

Duh, it's called SkyNet. This is phase one.

--The Fox

Give up on that idea. Old dirt bikes are pretty, but they suck to ride. I have several in the garage to remind me.

Get a 95 or later KDX200. It'll be cheaper than the old bike, and a lot more fun to ride. You'll thank me later.

Oops. I didn't read all the way. If street legality is mandatory, get a DR350 or DRZ400.
Well even the wheel probably claimed a lot of lives before right thinking cave people everwhere banded together and legislated the bejeezus out of it. Thereby preserving the antecedents of this gentlemen's birth.
I'm so jealous! I always hear about these guys but never see them. What I wouldn't give to see a sparkling new GSX parking lot demolition (with no injuries of coarse). Man, I gotta hang out at the dealerships more.
After that fight with Castillo I figured getting hit by a Benz wouldn't even phase that guy. Lesson learned.

He had the 2007 GSX-R1000. If only he had the Suzuki Drive Mode Selector in position "C"!

I kid, but I am bummed. He was a great fighter, more so than a great boxer. His inabilty to make weight recently suggests that maybe his best days were behind him, at least as a lightweight. You never know in boxing though.

I was preparing to gird my loins for the onslaught of Big Ben style media attention directed to sport bikes that are so dangerous they are killing off our athletes. Then I remembered no one watches boxing anymore. I guess DeLaHoya/ Mayweather didn't save boxing.

RIP Chico
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I'm a boxing fan and that fight was as boring as I expected.

Other than Manny Pacaquiao, there is no one worth watching in boxing.
I'm sorry, - to whom[/i] are you referring? Some kooky lunatic sock-puppet? We have none here fitting that description.
# of clicks to get something to come up. That may not be his problem but it's my biggest one at the moment.

Easy question...get a pre-1974 Yamaha Enduro. Reliable as a claw hammer, and with some good shocks & some fork mods they handle pretty damn good. Parts are stilll easy to get too.

A 250 is best, a 360 even better. Look on ebay under "Yamaha Enduro".
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