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High powered sport bike claims another

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If he'd invested in a Harley, he'd be alive today.
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UFC Buzz, come to the light. I watched some IFL? last night. Just a brutal sport. Remember to breath when watching some guy get elbowed in the face for the 12 consecutive time.

Phew, no lie there amigo.

Today I was able to transfer myself from the wheelchair to the bed without a sliding board, and dress myself, so I'm pretty stoked.

I've found from experience that dilauded works way better than steroids btw.
I've been have problems back clicking through a thread. It will reload the same page a few times before I can click back to the right page.
Put on a tin-foil hat and it works first click.
I'm down with it.

A guy I know at the gym tried a few brawls and got his ass handed to him twice.

He was a high school wrestling champion.
Not a problem with high-powered sports bike. Just low-powered brain. Maybe he one too many to the chin.
Your Word(s) for Today is "Pluft-Mud".

Seems there's a lot of this crashin' goin' around these days. This guy was a heluva lot luckier than most, he escaped relatively unscathed.

Be certain to check-out the picture page for a good chuckle, we all need that now and again to offset the ones we DO lose.

As someone on BARF commented: That's a 4-foot concrete wall he had to get over, Dude's got Skilz..........
MSNBC story is slightly different. States that after hitting the car in the back, Corralas was thrown from the bike and struck an oncoming car. The cycle was recently bought and he did not have a Nevada drivers license or motorcycle license.
Same problem here. I assumed it was something I had done. Ok so tin foil won't work, who's up to try Saran Wrap? Couldn't KP solve this problem.....
No. Cupholders require a tin foil jock. I'm having premature eclickutation problems again, BrowningBar must be blocking my signal.
Friend of mine fights in "tap out" yes at 40. His match didn't show up and they paired him with a 23 yo that was 30 pounds up on him and 5 inches taller.

He "tapped out" in less than 30 sec. Ground and pound is an ugly way to go.
I switch to a tin foil [email protected] ring. It gets a better signal, but may block nearby receivers.
Interesting how Gabe left and the puppet calls it quit soon afterwards.

Maybe Gabe is a bit busy at his new job to carry on the lengthy posts???

Those pictures are priceless! The cops reaction to it all is great.
Nah, he'd be just as dead except you would be claiming it was because of poor brakes.

I enjoyed watching his fights. He was a tough SOB and boxing is poorer with his passing.
Different plot, but the ending was the same.

Yamahammer IT-175 or IT-200. 1986 was the last year they made them. Has a headlight and taillight (Enduro spec), but not street legal. Just put a old plate on the back and it will almost look legal.

Almost any street legal dirt bike will be a boat anchor compared to the off-road only models. KTM seems to be the exception, as their current enduro line up is street legal AFAIK. But then you're looking for an old bike.

The KDX was a good suggestion--not street legal though.
41 - 60 of 80 Posts
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