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High powered sport bike claims another

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If he'd invested in a Harley, he'd be alive today.
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Long live Harley. In Finland the insurance payments go according to the power/weight ratio. I pay annual 412 EUR which is bloody good as my son pays 299 EUR for his 125 Honda. I mean I get twelwe times the cc and all the ****s.

- cruiz-euro
Well, duh. But we have to keep up the illusion that Burns, Sean and Gabe have been fooling us all along. You know how fragile those motojournalist's egos are. It's difficult to know that no matter how successful you are in motojournalism you are still no one.
I've started having problems after I installed the latest Firefox upgrade. Methinks they hosed something up.
How about Don King's hairdo?
The story is incomplete. It doesn't say whether or not this kid was a victim of one of those eeeeevil high powered sportbikes that are ravaging our cities and victimizing the elderly.
"I knew one kid . Wore two flack jackets and armored underwear. He bit it in the Ashau Valley. When your time is up your time is up."

Awesome, thanks for the word! I'll keep on the prowl...I'm supposed to ride cross country here shortly, so I'll have to see how my wallet looks when I get back (not good is my prediction.)

He thrusts his fists against the posts and still insists he sees the ghosts.
Mmmmm.. euro-****s.

--The Fox
I'll queue up for Sugar Shane vs. Mayweather. That could be a good fight if the right Sugar shows up - the one who fought Collazo. In that HBO series he was a riot doing impressions of other fighter's styles - including Mayweather.

Ricky Hatton is still fun.

But I'm reaching for reruns of the View when the heavyweights are on though.

Luckily Don King has the solution - Tyson vs Grizzly!
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I think that's what's referred to as a "Tragic Comedy."
Yeah, but a MILLION BUCKS???

It's hard to believe the guy arrived at a weigh-in and was overweight to the point he blew a million dollar payday. I don't follow boxing, but that strikes me as a guy with some deep issues.
Are you Sarah Conner?
It don't mean nothing. Not a thang.
Naw. It's like having an abcessed tooth pulled. You worry the empty socket with your tongue for a few days.
Re: This one is worse

bookmarked for the next jackass on a sportbike that decides to pull donuts in the street at the next bike night.

(no i have nothing against sportbikes.. i just dont see many cruisers pulling donuts are uni-cycling up the street like a damn clown.. )

What does doing donuts have to do with rear-ending a semi at 100+ mph?
Sure it was - I'm certain one caught him unawares as he was walking-along the freeway interchange, and picked him up bodily then threw him over the side, into the stinking muck.............

But sometimes....they are!

I have a KDX200 in the garage right now with a current license plate.

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