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High-Speed Motorcycles Proving Too Fast for Chicago Cops.

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What do I see looming on the horizon … lets see.

Yep, speed restrictors and horsepower limits!

Thanks Lou and other infantiles for f*cking it up for all bikers.
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First- I don't know a cop anywhere that will unload on person based upon self-opinion. If a cop shoots (even the desrving) they are on desk or suspended until the investigation by IA ends. No street cop wants this. Second- tape and video are everywhere. Those things just don't disappear. Not to mention witnesses.

So reckless abandon with cop shootings is virtually impossible. Otherwise drug dealers in all inner-city neighborhoods would be eliminated using the cops will shoot anyone analogy.

Lastly, if anyone on a bike going 30mph or better over the speed limit isn't occassionally looking into a mirror to glance at what's behind or looking forward enough to not notice what's in front then he or she is already putting people in danger.

Once again, I wish death upon no one. I'm just saying that if a cop shoots a guy or they put spike strips down and the bad guy turns up DOA we should feel sorry for him or his momma. She should do what's best but if she blames the cops for her son's stupidity then she to needs to re-evaluate her thought processes. It wasn't the cops that caused the problem. Cops just came up with the unpleasing solution.
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That's not much better, since the "choppers" can oly go about 135-140. The only advantage they have over the cruisers is that they can fly straight instead of flying in the predefined lanes of traffic

No one, I say again, NO ONE has control at triple digit speeds on ANY public road. Control at those speeds on public roads is only an illusion. If you want to gamble, keep the lights shining at your favorite casino. There you can only lose your own money, yet you will still be participating in a completely useless, stupid activity. If you still feel the need for speed, there are plenty of more manly ways to experience speed that don't involve people who are on their way home from the late shift, or those who are trying to have a cell phone conversation. Race tracks have safety features built-in. That's why those professional riders get up and walk away. Additionally, surfaces are groomed, or at least cleaned, and oil contamination is kept to a minimum as well.

Up in tripple-digit speeds, you will never see the small hazards that end your ride unexpec
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Well, with 10 comments and no submitted topics in the last 6 months, I can see you tried your best to push it in the right direction.
I never said going 150 wasn't more dangerious, I said speeding wasn't. Speeding being breaking the speedlimits.

since most people travel faster than the speedlimits on most freeways it's actualy less safe to travel the speedlimit than to speed.
There you have it, - all this brough-ha-ha over a teeny, lil' ole misplaced decimal-point.
Re: Rule the Universe!

Not to mention the hail of bullets whizzin' around the perp, but innocent bystanders make a good backstop - so it's all OK..........
Please go easy on him. Just chill until he finds that accursed apostrophe (') on his keyboard, demonstrates elemental punctuation skills, and learns rudimentary spelling.

Meaningful content may or may not ensue.
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