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Re: Higher profits in Yamaha

Very true. I also think some of their past failures have made them gunshy. During my adventure as the "FJR petition dude," I had a chance to talk to the Yamaha customer service guy assigned to me (yes, they assigned someone to talk to me...I was sort of a pain in the rear :). Anyway, he mentioned the demise of the GTS1000 several times. Also, the YZF1000R got great reviews, but didn't do very here (I had one). On the one hand, Yamaha never seems to give a U.S. "Euro" model very long to take root here, and on the other hand, we in the U.S. have not been quick about buying them. Anyway, there are currently lots of once hardcore sportbike riders that arent cruiser types in the U.S. The FZ1 was a good start and is selling well, but it doesn't suit anyone that wants to do some distance. Do we really need ELEVEN different "Star" models? Jeez.
1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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