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Re: Higher profits in Yamaha

My local Yamaha dealer is a crowed place. First there are the sport bikes then the turing models followed by the best Harley knock offs around. Can't stop there now we have the hunting-farming atv's to walk around, still room for some more? Well, there is watercraft-not just "jet" skis but also, what are getting to be, very large boats. It would seem that they have it all covered, and if that's a problem it's one most companies would like to have. The company I work for is spending major money changing how everything is manufactured, now the mantra of the day is "just in time" the goal is to reduce inventory while at the same time shorten the time it takes to fill a dealer order. We have been trying to achieve this for over five years now. I would think Yamaha is going the same route or just revamping their own "just in time" process.
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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