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History Made In Gainesville

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Let the flames begin!

This ought to be good for 150 posts or so.
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This is really great. Now if only Porsche had designed all of the H-D motors, there could be even more records broken.

I wonder how much money was spent developing the V-Rod dragsters vs. the competition. Chances are, a lot more considering how deep H-D's/Screamin' Eagles/Vance & Hines pockets are.

What is the big deal about this anyway? Does it prove anything about a stock V-Rod vs. a stock Japcycle? No, it only shows who spent more money/time on their racing vehicle.
I'll just get it out of the way now.

Harley's suck.

Porsche designed the Vrod.

The Vance and Hines bike has little to do with the original.

Arm chaps, finger chaps, ear chaps, handle bar tassles and glove fringe.

Vtwins are useless engines. Inline 4's are the only way to fly.

Harley's are way over priced, and thier riders are old losers.

Harley's suck.

Think that covers it all, did I miss anything?
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Harley finally using new technology

This breakthrough was only possible after the switch to laminar-flow fringe for decreased wind drag, along with smaller and lighter belt buckles.
Re: I'll just get it out of the way now.

Nope, I think you did a pretty good job. Kinda stole all the squids' thunder though, didn't you?
Re: Harley finally using new technology

Plus the rider cutdown his alcohol consumption from an 18 pack to a 12 pack prior to the race.

Putting his chick on Jenny Craig this season helped as well.
Don't the Twins have a CC advantage?? Hollow victory??

I watched Wind Tunnel last night and he said the Twins have a CC advantage as well as other thing? It's good thing for Harley in general but this release reminds me of the Bush's adminstration spin on the Jessica Lynch "rescue"
A V-rod is not a Harley. Regardless, this competition, like any motor sport competition, is about a few guys putting in a big effort and getting recognized for it.
Re: I'll just get it out of the way now.

Just the part about how their owners can't really be having fun riding them.
Re: I'll just get it out of the way now.

You mean random and innane parallel Number 1,285,473?

The Prophet is anything but humble.

Or correct.

Big effin hairy deal...

That Vance and Hines bike has zero parts in common with a V-rod or any other harley.

It is a 160 cubic inch air cooled pushrod 60 degree fuel injected V twin.

NHRA changed the rules 2 years ago to bring in some of the harley crowd.

Harley is allowed 160 CI engine size and Suzuki is allowed only 92 cubic inches.

Plus Harley gets a 50 pound weight advantage.

Don't believe it? read the 2004 NHRA pro stock bike rules.

You know what, I think I will race an olympic sprinter....he will have to carry 3 cinder blocks and run on his I win...nice when you get to write the rules.

NHRA lost all credibility as a sanctioning body.

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yay, their bike goes fast in a straight line.
Harley Riders Don't Want to Go Fast

This is pretty funny really. Seems very few harley riders are interested in going fast. A local large harley dealer tried to orgazine a harley/buell only track day. Here is the track day organizer's latest message.

"Now for the stranger side of the news, Mancuso Harley Davidson contracted LSTD to host a Harley/Buell only event for them on March 29th at TWS (this coming Monday). Due to their poor rider participation they are asking us to help them by opening up the day to all riders specifically sport bikes. If you ever wanted to show the Harley crowd what two wheels and a motor was meant for this is your chance. We will of course have a Harley/Buell group and a sport bike group, but we will not be have our normal break down of Race, Intermediate, and Novice groups. I know it is extremely late notice but if you can make it great. If can make it, just follow the web link below for online registration and we will see you on Monday."
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Heh heh.

The big exclusive lovers of the Japanese brands once again attack HD for outsourcing design. Irony is too difficult a concept for some.
Re: I'll just get it out of the way now.

It's the Jesse Jackson School of Winning Arguments:

Today on Point/Counter point we have world renowned commentators William F. Buckley and KPaulKook. We'll start with Mr. Buckley.

Buckley: "Obviously there is a geopolitical aspect of this situation. All companies outsource in today's expanding markets. All companies also use their influence to get rule changes that favor their particular model of motorcycle. All are responding to the public's demand and doing their best to fill that demand. After all, it's what the consumers demand that determine the direction of the market. Companies ignore this demand at their own risk."

KPaulKook: "You suck! It's all Bush's fault."
Yes, that bike is a Harley Vrod - with short ass pushrods.... Of course it is not a 'real Harley', nor is the Suzuki a real Suzuki. Damn, the bike with HD on the side won, deal with it, quit your crying and move along whiners. If any of you bothered to look at the formulas developed for size of engine, it has to do with how much air is pumped through the engine. Since a 4 revs sooo much faster than a twin, uh yeah, the twins get a cc advantage, but in the end the pump the same amount of air and fuel, so there.

And about Porsche they have been working with HD since the Evo motor. Folks, Porsche has an engineering company that works for lots of folks, including the Japanese bike industry, so your Kawi, Suz, Honda, Yama just might have been touched there too. GET OVER IT! The motor they are racing is a Vance and Hines was designed to meet the rules, just like the Suzukis it beat,

Now, flame away, I don't care, 'cause I don't read them anyway.....generally....

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Excellent Post, its a way to market NHRA to the Gray Pony Tail botherhoody tailed cro

Unfreckingbelievable. 160ci vs 92 ci. Another analogy. Ok you 600 Supersport guys you have to put a 50 lb weight on your bike and race against liter bikes.
You oughta race, with as much air as you pump you would do well..

and a v-rod with short push rods is not a v-rod...

I can tell that I am wasting my breath but a v-rod is an overhead cam engine that is water cooled and the vance bike..... isn't.

For you HD people....A cam is a device that opens and closes your valves to let fuel and air into and out of the engine......

To complex?

Ok, A cam helps move your shiney chrome geegaws and fringed cup holders to the next bar.....

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