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Yes, that bike is a Harley Vrod - with short ass pushrods.... Of course it is not a 'real Harley', nor is the Suzuki a real Suzuki. Damn, the bike with HD on the side won, deal with it, quit your crying and move along whiners. If any of you bothered to look at the formulas developed for size of engine, it has to do with how much air is pumped through the engine. Since a 4 revs sooo much faster than a twin, uh yeah, the twins get a cc advantage, but in the end the pump the same amount of air and fuel, so there.

And about Porsche they have been working with HD since the Evo motor. Folks, Porsche has an engineering company that works for lots of folks, including the Japanese bike industry, so your Kawi, Suz, Honda, Yama just might have been touched there too. GET OVER IT! The motor they are racing is a Vance and Hines was designed to meet the rules, just like the Suzukis it beat,

Now, flame away, I don't care, 'cause I don't read them anyway.....generally....

1 - 1 of 92 Posts
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