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Harley Riders Don't Want to Go Fast

This is pretty funny really. Seems very few harley riders are interested in going fast. A local large harley dealer tried to orgazine a harley/buell only track day. Here is the track day organizer's latest message.

"Now for the stranger side of the news, Mancuso Harley Davidson contracted LSTD to host a Harley/Buell only event for them on March 29th at TWS (this coming Monday). Due to their poor rider participation they are asking us to help them by opening up the day to all riders specifically sport bikes. If you ever wanted to show the Harley crowd what two wheels and a motor was meant for this is your chance. We will of course have a Harley/Buell group and a sport bike group, but we will not be have our normal break down of Race, Intermediate, and Novice groups. I know it is extremely late notice but if you can make it great. If can make it, just follow the web link below for online registration and we will see you on Monday."
1 - 1 of 92 Posts
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