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History Made In Gainesville

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Let the flames begin!

This ought to be good for 150 posts or so.
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Outsourcing for dummies, why it's different now and Bush is wrong

A professor, guest on CNN, argues against placing blind faith in outsourcing. Click here to read more

Also see Making false choices
Re: I'll just get it out of the way now.

My fringed V-rod ear chaps came with the Porsche logo, can I get them with a comemorative "V & H Screaming Eagle Gatornational #1" logo?
Re: Outsourcing for dummies,

Let me get this straight, "If I outsource all our work, no one will be able to afford my products"?,

"No sir thats just more lies from labor unions, wal*mart workers and everyone else on unemployment will still buy $2500 plasma screen TV's and new $45000 Suburbans"
Re: Let the flames begin!

Longride gets paid by post. Trouble is I can still generate more without really trying :)


The Great Motorcycle Prophet.
Re: Hey !!

What are you doing here, I thought you went to London.

Using the ear chap docking kit (tm) to attach the leather ear chap fringes to his beanie helmet cut down on wind drag.
another dwarf heard from...

Grumpy what are you trying to do take over Longrides place as Dopey?
Re: Outsourcing for dummies,

The fool seems to believe that the democrats are any less beholden to big corporate interests than the pubbies. Big Oil or Big Hollywood. The effect is the same. Hollywood outsources as much as anyone.

John Qaerry, Kook's latest Savior, is an expert on outsourcing. After all, his wife's company, Heinz, has outsourced over 80% of it's jobs overseas. He's a real friend of the little guy.
Re: another dwarf heard from...

Maybe. But nobody could take your place as *******.
Re: another dwarf heard from...

Heya Buttock! Weren't you the guy complaining about others' lack of originality? Why do you post the same thing all the time?
The point is if they're going to call it a v-rod it should bear some vague resemblance to whats marketed as a v-rod.

Obviously they're not racing off the shelf engines, but I'm assuming the suzuki is a DOHC inline 4 then the v-rod should be a dohc v twin

To be honest I'm about as interested in drag racing as I am in nascar, but a blind stab in the general direction of accuracy wouldn't hurt.
There their there’re Longride

Longride is campaigning really hard to be "Grumpy".

Dwarf tossing is so much fun.
Why all the hate posts?

It seems to me that a lot more people out there hate Harley-Davidson / Buell more then any other brand of motorcycle. I don't even see a 1/4 as many flaming hate posts towards other brands that maybe aren't as fast or cost more then the Japanese bikes, say like Ducati's and BMW's. It's almost as bad as the Chevy vs. Ford thing. When I go look at the posts for the fastest Japanese sport bikes I don’t see any mention of how expensive they are to insure, that they will be out of style in 2 years when the next gee wiz speed bikes comes out, or the fact that 99% of the street riding crowd can’t even ride them to anywhere close to 75% of there potential.

People let's grow up! Support the onward march of technology and the better bikes that go with it regardless of who makes the bike.

So… in closing I just have to ask, why oh why so much hate towards Harley-Davidson / Buell?
Re: There their there’re Longride

Yeah, being an Internet ******* is your claim to fame. It's all you got.
Re: another dwarf heard from...

How did I ever think of you as Grumpy your a natural Dopey.
Re: another dwarf heard from...

Between moderating posts and acting like a compete idiot, he really doesn't have time for much thought. He's Kook without a mantra.
Now I want a Revolution Sportster more than ever!
Re: There their there’re Longride

Its official Longride, you’ve campaigned long for the Grumpy title. You’ve got your wish you will be Grumpy, Happy now? No Happy is Sarnali. Its hard to keep all you Dwarfs straight to which one is which.
Re: another dwarf heard from...

Grumpy don't over do it, again. You don't want another post of yours censored???
Re: another dwarf heard from...

Two responses on a single thread! Your brain cell must be smoking. Better pull the fire alarm button. It's on the wall next to the principal's office.
Re: another dwarf heard from...

You know. Since his argument is made up of simple accusations that others are dumb, you'd think he'd spend a few seconds on grammar and spelling.

It is self-defeating to call someone dopey in broken mispelled sentences.
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