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History Made In Gainesville

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Let the flames begin!

This ought to be good for 150 posts or so.
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Who cares how fast some Hybrid Bike goes in a straight line whether it says Harley or Suzuki. I think Harleys are made for one thing and that is cruising and the sport bikes are made for Dragging your knee. I'll still be riding my sport bike and still wave at the Harley people. So you cares about drag racing anyway. Honda is #1 anyway
Great question

Its not that we hate Harley/Buell but take a look at the posts of the 7 dwarfs, even though I love to have fun with the little guys they bring it upon themselves.

On further thought its not that I dislike Buell in particular but it’s the half truths and half lies that is part of the Buell marketing campaign.

Torquey engine, sportbike?

And this from the Buell website;"While traditional sport bikes use complex technology for the sole objective of speed, our mission is to develop and employ innovative technology only in as much as it enhances the ride. Because in the end, it's not how quickly you get there. It's how much fun you have on the way."

WTF does that mean?

A bigger question is why does the American public buy into this and why can’t the US manufacture a sportbike that can compete with the Italians and Japanese?

When I toss one of the dwarfs I don’t intend to insult all H-D/Buell riders just the 7 dwarfs.
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Re: I'll just get it out of the way now.

Maybe they'd be better if he tried. See R.A.I.P. Number 1,285,472 (top).
Re: Why all the hate posts?

yeah, why you all be hatin?

Can't we all just get along? We got to get along!
Re: Don't the Twins have a CC advantage?? Hollow victory??

How could this possibly remind you of Jessica Lynch? Some people will go to any length to take a stabb at President Bush.
Re: Don't the Twins have a CC advantage?? Hollow victory??

I bet you still believe these Bushisms:

Budget Deficits don't matter.

Sadam caused 9/11

Sadam had WMD

Sadam and Bin Laden are buddies.
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Re: Why all the hate posts?

Duh, any person with an I.Q. above 100 knows that Ford kicks Chevy's ass any day.
Heinz doesn't outsource.Stop getting your news from Fox news seruzawa

Big Hollywood what's that? Hollywood has 1/1000th the money and influence as does big oil. has a list of companies that outsource. Heinz is not on the list.
Re: There their there're Longride

LOL That's why I went to the Three stooges thing.
I hadn't really paid attention to all that.

Ok, I see what you mean now. But, I bought mine as a fun commuter bike and I am having fun on it. I rode a 900 Ninja for awhile but my back and arms were killing me, plus I wanted something that I could ride all day in comfort and pay lower insurance but still have some fun in the twisties and something that's not on every street corner, I like the attention. Also I'm still having fun, I guess that's a hard thing to measure though.

Thanks for the responce though as now I can understand a little better.
Re: Seems clear enough

Well I'm guessin' it means "it's not how quickly you get there, It's how much fun you have on the way"

I'd assume they mean they engineer their bikes for all 'round sporty riding instead of straight up top speed. Instead of technology for technology's sake (V-Tech anyone?) they improve existing designs to maximize performance. IMO the new Buell's are interesting bikes in that they get some pretty impressive performance out of whats basicaly '60's technology mated to current tech. frame and suspension designs

Japanese sportbikes are incredible and getting better each year, however I ride for fun and I really don't need the latest and greatest to do it. I'd rather have an interesting bike like a Ducati multi strada or Buell lightning or Triumph Thunderbird Sport or Moto-Guzzi V11 than the same cookie cutter everyone else has.

Thats why I'm Happy, I don't give a ***** what you ride, just what I ride
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Re: Great question

In 20 years the Buell Firebolt will still be a cool bike. It will be something you can roll out of your garage and bs with the kids about. They will love it.

Those 20 year old king for a day gsxr1000s and r1's will just be outdated.
Re: Outsourcing for dummies,

Kpaul you ignorant ****, are you next going to claim that John Kerry didn't support NAFTA?

That's the problem with ole' John. He has supported everything in the last 20 years... Everything but the military that is.
Porsche had absolutly zero to do with the design and development of this particular motor. It was designed entirely by Vance and Hines specificly to race in this particular niche of drag racing. Very part is a purpose built one off piece for this bike. VWW
Re: get your slanders straight

as far as I know Bush never said Iraq was responsible for 9/11, and just the fact that sadam used wmd's on the kurds and iranian's would be enough to suspect the possibility that he still had them

If you want to work on a conspiracy theory, why don't you go with the bush/house of saud/bin laden angle?
Re: Why all the hate posts?

True, but there is some good hatin' being handed out to the Ducati's in "Ducati Profits...or not" feedback. I wasn't laughing out loud like I was at these posts though.

Hey, my bottom line on any of this is motorcycles are about enjoying yourself. Damn all the haters and go ride!
Re: I'll just get it out of the way now.

Mostly true, but it is still great to see a Harley win Prostock anyway.
At least...

.....Kook has an intellectual equal on this site now.
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