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History Made In Gainesville

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Let the flames begin!

This ought to be good for 150 posts or so.
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Re: Great question

Wow. Are you this stupid naturally or is it an aquired trait?

Kook's got competition now. It's hard to figure which of you is the most stupid and bigoted.
Excellent point

"Kpaul you ignorant ****, " LOL That was classic. I still hear Dan Ackroid when I see those words. I think I was too young for the original guy Serasuzy is talking about..

"That's the problem with ole' John. He has supported everything in the last 20 years... Everything but the military that is." I am finding that out. Still can't stomach Bush though even though I voted for him last time.
For $200 billion and 500 lives you better be sure damn it.

Sorry sarnali, I disagree with you on this one. Have you read Richard Clark's book yet. I've read excerpts. Bush is a dumb **** and you know it. He was trying like everthing to blame it on Sadam.
News Flash: The year is 2010 and a Buell and a Ducati finally completes Daytona

Yes the Buell Firebolt will go down in history all right. What happened to Buell at Daytona Formula Extreme race???? DNF Ducat DNF. V-Twins DNF
Easy answer.

"And this from the Buell website;"While traditional sport bikes use complex technology for the sole objective of speed, our mission is to develop and employ innovative technology only in as much as it enhances the ride. Because in the end, it's not how quickly you get there. It's how much fun you have on the way."

WTF does that mean?"

It means they don't have to ride with an ******* like you. Pretty much sums it up.
Re: Easy answer.

Don't waste time in discussion with the dumber half of MOs "Dumb and Dumberer" comedy duo. I get more intelligent comment from my great nephew...."goo goo gah gah".

Eric Buell obviously has no desire to create just another inline-4 replica.

None of the whiners would buy an inline-4 Buell anyhow.

None of the snot-nosed whiners have ever even ridden, much less owned, the bikes they are so expert on.
Re: Easy answer.

Gotta agree with ya. zrx_bullshyt is in the bin with his Kook buddy.
"Honda is #1 anyway"

Like in the winners circle at the 2004 Daytona 200?

Oh, wait.....that was a Suzuki and Matt Mladin....

But honda was #2 which ain't to shabby.

Where was HDs superbike?

hmmmm....quit a few years ago after winning....well....never.
Win on Sunday, sell on... Ooops, we don't actually make one of those things for sale now do we? Reminds me of that George Washington hatched I have. I've replaced the head a few times and the handle a couple dozen more, but sure is a nice piece of history. Now, if they actually raced a V-Rod...
inline 4 whine

I have been to a few NHRA racing events and have watched the V&H team in action.

They are great to watch and the V-Twin puts out a much more enjoyable sound than

the high pitch whine of the inline 4's. I think it's great they finally found their

way to the podium.
That's like NASCAR racers being called Chevy, Ford & Dodge. Real close to factory vehicles there, too

Re: Seems clear enough

*Thats why I'm Happy, I don't give a ***** what you ride, just what I ride*

Agreed! If you enjoy riding what you ride, then that should be good enough.

A whole lot of "I-have-this-type-of-bike-and-so-should-you" going on.

I ride what I want because I want to, not because others say I should or because they have one...

Re: For $200 billion and 500 lives you better be sure damn it.

Its nice to see that once again, kpaul, sarnali, and a few others have managed to turn a press release about motorcycles into a debate on politics, Iraq, Saddam, and even bin Laden.

Great job guys!

Now, can we get back to bashing each other on a purely motorcycle-related level?
Re: For $200 billion and 500 lives you better be sure damn it.

OK, my bikes faster than yours, and I'm a better rider.
Re: News Flash: The year is 2010 and a Buell and a Ducati finally completes Daytona

And you, of course, utilize every ounce of performance from your Akropovic equiped, dyno-jet'd 2010.5 ZRX600 in your daily meanderings, just like your hero Eric Bostrom the 3rd.

Once again, my friend.... Outright track performance does not equal good street performance, racing-derived braking and suspension advances yes...outright horsepower no.

Repeat after me....."I can have fun on a bike that's not the fastest one I can buy"......."since I can't use even fifty percent of most sportbikes potential, I don't need to run out and buy the same bike my hero rides"........."I can ride a bike that I think is fun, irregardless of what every one else rides"

Don't worry, lad. You'll catch on someday.
Why do I feel compelled to throw in my 2 cents....?.,..

I am not a HD guy and never will be (careful, never is a long time). However, though I will poke fun at the HD crowd now and again, I am ever mindful that they have been the number 2 company in sales for a while. There are a lot of people that love them. And for a few different reasons. I can sure understand the V-Twin sound and soul thing. And if they are just victims of the marketing, well I have been known to want to wear a number of Yamaha and Vmax things too. And I don't worry whether I can beat a Harley anywhere. Maybe that comes from having a Max though.

Enjoy your ride, and enjoy that others like to ride. I am glad there is a selection of bikes and styles to keep it interesting.

The rules should be fair and everyone, just get along!

Congrats to the Screamin Eagle/ Vance & Hines team for all their hard work. I am sure it took a lot of talent to pull that off.

paul from Minnesota

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Harley bikes are great.

Americans designed the Harley.

The Vance and Hines know when they have a winner.

Arm chaps, finger chaps, ear chaps, handle bar tassles and glove fringe.

Vtwins are timeless engines. Inline 4's are more costly to maintain and that's why dealers love them.

Harley's are a joy to own and ride, and their riders truly blessed.

God bless Harley Davidson and their owner/riders.

Think that covers it all, did I miss anything?
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Japanese love Harleys

Harleys (believe it or not) out sell the Japs in Japan. I'm talking about big bikes. They pay a fortune for them because they are such a status symbol there. Explain that away.
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