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Responsible 25 Year Old? Is there such a thing?

WTF?! With a "dirty" driving record! And you want to get a CBR600F2? It's newbies like you (young, inexperienced and on a bike that is more than you can handle, living in a congested city) that drove up the rates for the rest of the motorcyclists (and that is the same for the "old" newbies, too!). How about getting a dual-sport, like a Suzuki DR350, or KLR650? I pay $75 a year for insurance on my DR350. Of course, I turn 39 tomorrow and that might have something to do w/it. Plus, I don' t live in LA anymore. You'll be surprised how well they corner in the twisties and they will teach you how to maintain your cornering speed w/momentum rather than twisting the throttle/hitting the brake, i.e. you'll be smoother in the corners. If you are really hardcore, find a supermoto. It will outperform that CBR in everthing but dragracing/top speed. You'll have a better chance of surviving and "maturing" as a motorcyclist. I like your choice of bike, but, as I recall, it was stolen quite a bit and wrecked a lot by the riders who bought them, hence high insurance rates. How about a used Honda 650 Hawk? At 230 lb, torque is more important than HP. I can relate, I'm 6'-0" and 235lb. You could move out of LA or even California. :)

Good luck!

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1 - 1 of 48 Posts
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