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My TL100S cost $40 a year to insure. No I do not have theft or collision on it. Too expensive. I insure myself. I can afford to crash/lose the bike and eat it instead of paying exhorbitant insurance. We have ourselves to blame. Too many squids throwing away brand new liter bikes they have no business being on.

Riding a GSXR1000, for example, is a rich man's game due to insurance costs. No, not to pay the rates, no way I would hand that money over. It is expensive as the only way I would do it is to buy the bike for cash and carry only liability on it. Crash it and I am SOL, but I am willing to write the check, ride well and assume the risk.

The only flaw in my cool plan (other than paying cash) is if some uninsured person in a jalopy car takes me out, wrecks my bike and injures me. Then I am screwed.

Ride well, that is the answer. Street riding is a high risk untertaking, make no mistake about it. Go in with your eyes open.
1 - 1 of 48 Posts
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