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HMC Ducati and Chandler go fast

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Mu-hahahahhaaaa! Dougie!!!
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This is it! This is vindication for the man who was so rudely let go by Kawasaki. Doug, beat 'em all for me. I can't wait to see you out on the track on a bike you can run in the front with.

I predicted that HMC would hire Chandler at the beginning of the year, and I'm so glad to see that it came true.

I'm so excited that I forgot to post the pic of me and Doug...

I'll start coloring his shirt in red and cross out the Kawasaki logo tonight, honest...

Yee haw!

Yeah, you ought to get photoshop and change the green part black, and put Ducati on the shirt, or just make the whole shirt red and put Ducs insignia on it. Photoshop is a wonderful program. Have you seen those R. Kelly Pictures?
Use the Gimp...

Naw, no photoshop for me. I use the Gimp. Gotta love stuff you can get for free. And it's as good as photoshop as far as I'm concerned.

I'm working on the new pic, I'll have it up at some point...

Re: Use the Gimp...

Post it when you do, and you can get photoshop for *ahem* next to nothing on
I have mixed feelings. I would like to see Chandler do great this year and at the same time I want to see HMC bomb straight to the bottom of the pile. What to do, what to do...
Ditto, the events that led to the dismissal of Picotte, as presented by the media, certainly seemed unsavory. On the other hand, Picotte did take a chance when he accepted the position without contract (scenarios such as these show why we have contracts and contract law). I hope that Picotte does well. He certainly will have the motivation to do well. It could very well lead to much better racing.
its a tough business...we're the most polite nation of the world...hmc didnt have the sure looks bad...but they dont care, they dont depend on the win sunday to sell monday mentality. they dont have to be nice because they have thousands of morons who fight for the chance to buy their overpriced, slow, ugly pieces of *****.
If you were at Daytona and heard what was going on you would not be mad at HMC. PP blew it.

I have more respect for Mitch now then before all this happened.
I'm very pleased to see Doug Chandler back on a competitive platform. Doug finished the series last year fouth and fourth at Virginia. I was at the Virginia race last year, and I'll attend the Road Atlanta and Virginia race this season. Good luck Doug, and congrats on your Laguna Seca practice session. HMC made an appropriate choice. See you at RA......
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