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HMC Ducati goes interactive

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Still no notificaton from MO that Ducati's GP bike has been unveiled at It is easily the best looking BP bike out there.

--The Fox
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Hey HMC Ducati has another sponsor whoopdy doo. Maybe that new sticker will help Doug Chandler make up the two seconds he was behind in qualifying. How about posting the Race results and Pole times instead of this.
Here I'll help you out

That one guy Eric Bostrom he qualified on the pole. Maybe you have heard of him? Then Nicky Hayden was in second. Oh and Doug Chandler qualed seventh. Behind Pascal Picotte. But that mojotown sticker should really help him make up the time gap.
You were so good for free, now I have my doubts, everybody beats you to the news and everything else, oh my $11.00 bucks, boo hoo hoo. doesn't work weekends

But few of the other online sites do either...

Motorcylenews has been active this weekend, but then again there is a little motorcycling event in Great Britain this weekend...

Isle of Mann TT
There are plenty of sites that offer up-to-date race coverage, so I don't see the need for this site to dedicate resources to race coverage. Better to dedicate the resources to writing editorials and bike/equipment reviews.
Re: doesn't work weekends

There is a great site that gets updated frequently race results and everything are usually up well within 2 hours of the finish/qualifying sessions. Unfortunately, last time I mentioned them by name, these guys took offense and deleted my post. Sorry about that guys, I was only trying to offer an example... I still think it would be a great improvement to this site...

You mean spend resources to advertise Buell's and Doug Chandler. Oh by the way that mojotown sticker must have been too much for Chandlers bike thats why he couldn't finish the race. Maybe mojotown might want to sponsor Picotte if they want to sponsor a Duc.
Oh yeah

Hey, Atleast they didn't put headers on about who exactly won the races this weekend. I guess MO got tired of us complaining about them putting "Nicky wins at Fontana" so they don't update with any results at all. Maybe Johnny's little laptop has malfunctioned... Maybe. Aarons Yates was amazing this weekend though.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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