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Home is where the Hog is

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Nothing says Americana more that eBass and a Harley. More...I want more, I say!
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No reserve on an EFI model. You do get a freakin idiot light though on the Road King. Mine has the freakin idiot light AND a gas gauge.
Does the idiot light go on when you ride past Seattle?
Buzz, what am I gonna do with you man?!

They say excuses are like a$$holes, which if true would make you a very popular guy in prison. You gotta quit your job, abandon your kid, give your harem of MILFs a rest, forsake your non-motorcycle related possessions, and join me in a life of wanderlust-induced poverty. Kind of like a Shaolin monk, only with chaps instead of a robe.
Re: Buzz, what am I gonna do with you man?!

I think I could do most of that except for the kid. Ok I can't abandon the harem either. Well, I'm not really into the poverty thing either because after we meet the cute girl at the hostel, I gotta take her to the Hilton for a little privacy.

You know if you'd given me more than 24 hours notice I would have gone with you and perhaps told you that it snows in Flagstaff.

My electric vest is still the best motorcycle-related purchase I have ever made.
Glad to hear the Viagra sample pack is working for you Buz

"Well, I'm not really into the poverty thing either because after we meet the cute girl at the hostel, I gotta take her to the Hilton for a little privacy."

Turning forty is tough. Good thing DD-Debbie got you to go the doc for some ED helph huh.
Editorial Suggestions

Lose the commentary on taking a ***** and INCLUDE SOME PHOTOS OF THE PEOPLE!!!! DAMN MAN! What were you thinking? Were they too ugly to shoot or what?
Hey, can I go with EBass on his next road trip? I wanna take a few lessons from the master - if he'd find me worthy! Great story - gimme more!
Re:idiot light,

I didn't say Tacoma did I?
Sure, why not?

Since the Buzzer can't seem to escape from his gilded cage except for once every lunar leap year and the occasional Druid holiday, I'd be happy to take on a new Grasshopper. But first you will have to prove yourself worthy by making a sacrificial offering of the most attractive female member of your family over the age of 18. Either that or some cheaply made beads and trinkets will do.
Re: Excellent Work


Don't laugh, but is there really a "Ninjas terrorize the West Tour"?

I am a ZX'r myself. So I thought I should check.... :)
Great story!!! Thank you!!! Makes me want to take a trip...

But since nobody else said anything, I cant' help being the A-hole that does. :)


Do you mean to tell me that after the countless times chatting, talking, discussing, or arguing with some Harley guy and like it was a requirement, at some point he has ended up saying, "If you have to ask, you wouldn’t understand". It comes down to a girl giving you a KISS on the cheek????????????????

FOR THE RECORD, I understand.

And Im going to have to say I think just about every guy who rides a bike, no matter what flavor, that he understands that your motorcycle will add to your chances of getting laid.....

What, Harley guys thought they had some exclusive secret thing going on all this time???

I'm not one to make accusations, but one does seem to wonder if this might reflect on the inteligence of somebody that thinks this way....

:) :) :) :) LOL

Sorry, but I couldn't help it! I thought it was too funny not to mention. I have always hated the "if you have to ask" thing. Like every motorcyclist doesn't get the same satisfaction out of what they ride. It's a pretty stupid statement in my opinion.

But please don't let this seem like a judgement on the article. I loved it!!! Please do more like this one.......

Let the angry responces begin..... :)
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I don't know why the quote didn't copy and paste? I guess I am going to get some opinions on my intelligence now... :)

Ebass's Quote: "to my pleasure and surprise, the pilot got a big hug and a kiss from his exuberant passenger, which is probably what they're talking about when the H_D bretheren say " If you have to ask, you wouldn't understand". end quote
Re: Great story!!! Thank you!!! Makes me want to take a trip...

I think it's, "If I have to EXPLAIN, you wouldn't understand." Not "if I have to ask."

My guess is that ebass wouldn't have gotten all the attention from his dorm-mates should he have been riding a Honda VTX for example.
Re: Sure, why not?

Trinkets on the way..

My 18-year-old daughter thinks you're cute. It's improper for me to say more!
Re: Great story!!! Thank you!!! Makes me want to take a trip...

I have always read, and been told way to many times. ( course the first time was too many :)

That, "if you have to ask you wouldn't understand."

And in my opinion, his "dorm-mates" most likely couldn't tell the difference between an HD and a VTX. Which is usually the case, especially if the metric bike has loud pipes.

Though I grant you after you tell the person asking that it isn't a HD very often there is less interest.

Such reactions are quite telling about the real nature of this, "understanding". :)
wheres the people pics? the people ya meet are more interesting than the scenery..

Nice write up tho
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