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Home made diesel?

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I don't see any reason to suggest that it's a hoax. However, like bio-diesel, it depends on waste oil from restaurants. As soon as a significant number of people start using these methods, the price will increase substantially.

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You gotta be kidding

Why don't we all just eat beans and with a *special* saddle we could run bikes on natural gas ?
Diesels will burn just about anything once up to operating temperature. I am far from an expert on this, but from what I have read, I think you are far better off going with one of the well-known and established conversion kits that run about $800 installed. They ensure that your injection system is not damaged and have been used by some people for years with good results.

I am wary of any solution to any problem that comes in a bottle.
kpaul, the GMP, predicts and then comes true.. It's real and as the price diesel rises the more viable it gets. Check out those gas prices GPTB? kpaul sez $4.00 per gal by the end of the summer at least on the west coast
It just hit $3 in MN Kook. Man I HATE oil companies.
The Gov't and the Econazis are doing more to create oil shortages and high prices than the Evil Big Oil!
I'm a prophet too!

Let's see, the price of homes will go up, taxes will go up, the cost of living will go up, the prices of autos will go up.........hmmm did I miss anything yet? Anyone want to bet against my predictions? Anyone remember that asswipe predicted 4 bucks a gallon last year and was dead wrong? I guess if you wait long enough anything will come true, won't it?
I don't know about homemade diesel, but I could run my bikes on homemade hootch. If there were any left over.
Re: I'm a prophet too!

I wish the GMP would have told me to by Ducati stock when it was $6 a share last year.
This is true.

Though oil companies could still drop the price by 50% and still make billions.
No they couldn't. The taxes on gasoline are several multiples of the oil companies' profits. If anyone is raping the public through gas prices it's the Feds and the State's insatiable greed for tax money to squander.
Grasshopper. The oil companies don't set the price of oil, the market does. Oil futures contracts are traded on the open market.

The biggest chunk of profit in your gasoline purchase goes straight to The Man and I ain't talkin' 'bout the oil man.

Cue mind-boggling Moveon links from idiot boy: here

But I don't care! I'm off to Cabo San Lucas and you're not!
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Again I agree with you about the Feds and states. So why are we as citizens letting our elected officials screw us over? I know even though the company I work for is making a LOT of money and the top guys make a killing too. I doubt I'll get a big enough raise to even cover my cost of living expenses.

Greedy bastards.
Cabo! :)

Heh, here in MN they want to raise the gas tax another $0.10. And they just voted themselves a $90 per diem.
Get your shots before you go. Stay clear of Mermaids. Make sure you don't pick up any trannies outside Squid Roe. And don’t buy any gum, cigarettes, or "blow" off of the street vendors.

The current spike is due to the lack of refinery capabilities and "unexpected" shut down and maintenance. Along with a report I saw that certain companies were not prepared for the summer spike...which baffled the hell out of the CNBC reporter.

Summer spike, blah! And increased demand in my experience is BS too. Everyone I know drives they same or less than they did 5 years ago.
If it works, word will spread, more people will buy it, they'll spread the word, even more people will buy it, and soon we'll all use it. The magic of the market.

Beware anything that even its loudest adherents don't use.
What? you don't have your highways clogged with 3mpg Winnebagos starting on Memorial Day?
Clogged no, but yes there are more of them. Though blaming the summer spike on shortages is BS since there's been a summer spike for probably the last 50+ years.
They discovered last year that they could get away with it. Never overestimate the apathy of the American people.
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