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I'm thinking the only parts count items that Zuki would need to change is the wiring harness, some brackets, the brake reservoir (which could already be sourced in house, the SV one looks nice), the handlebars and upper triple clamp (again, probably available from the dirtbike parts bin) and obviously the nose. They could add 3 bikes to their lineup for probably 20 hours worth of engineering work (a naked version of each of the GSXRs) and even lower the price while they were at it. (The plastic has to be at least $500 worth of the price.)

The problem with this plan is it would dilute interest in their other naked offerings, (although, if the twins continued to be cheaper, they might still sell well) which they spent lots of money developing and marketing.

Bring back the GSX nomenclature, give us a 6, 7, and 10 to choose from, lop some off the price, I bet it would sell like hotcakes.


I still probably wouldn't fit on it, though. Maybe they could move the footpegs...
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