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How does riding it compare with other nakeds or standards you've ridden, and perhaps sportbikes you've ridden?

I want something thats fun for cruising but sporty, etc, and I am looking at the 919 because they are going for cheap these days, but I've read the suspension is so so, mainly from sportbike enthusiasts, so its hard to get good read on the bike.
Sportbike enthusiasts would complain if they were hung with new ropes.

I understand that suspension upgrades are reasonably priced for that bike. Often only putting in new springs ($100) and heavier oil in the forks will improve things more than enough. So if you got a good price then go for it. Understand that even though sportbikes have top notch components a lot of sportbike owners replace them with even better ones anyhow.

I'm a huge fan of naked standards. The vast majority of bikes I've owned over my 40 years of riding are standards. They'll do just about anything very well.
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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