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For a showroom (or in the back storeroom) "new" bike, you need to look at tire and battery shelf life (I'd insist on new ones on a bike two years old or older).

The crankcase oil, assuming it was ever installed, probably hasn't seen any runtime, so has little in the way of combustion by-product contamination. Also, some bikes (such as Triumphs) have "break-in" oil, which is to be replaced at approximately 500 miles.

All the critter issues Airhawk mentioned apply.

I haven't waved the flag yet, so I will now. Get a Speed Triple! You can get a 955i for the same or less money than you're looking at now, and no one disputes the grin factor of that bike. Indeed, Motorcyclist voted it "The best bike to lose your license with".
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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