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Man, I bet that was a pain. Seems a bit presumptuous to only bring the two models they want you to try. They did the same thing at Americade in Lake George, NY. With a name like "intruderman" and "luvmySV650S" I can't imagine what bike you wanted to ride. :)

Ducati had every model except the mono's.

Harley/Buell had Sporties to Ultras. M2 to S3T.

BMW had mostly the 1200C/RT/LT group.

YamaKawaZuki had a mix of sporty/sport touring models as well as the touring mounts.

But Honda??? Wings and VTXs. That's it.

The test rides are one the reasons I go to these things. To ride different makes, models & styles of bikes in similar riding conditions.


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