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Honda RC211V V-5 Pictures

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By increasing the brightness, you can see what looks like a regular sized radiator in the front to me. The thing under the seat "looks" to be small from the pic that you can see it in. I'd venture to say some sort of telemetry equipment just for testing, that or some ECU for the crazy engine. It doesn't look like there are any intakes for a second radiator, and it also looks quite void under the tail of the bike.

The swingarm is substantially larger on one side, thought that was odd, but I haven't noticed what the current Honda GP bike's swingarm looks like in particular.

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Awesome...! things are starting to move...! I can’t wait to next season...! 2 strokes against these 4 strokes monsters... nice...!

Good jobs guys...! Keep the info flowing...!

All I know is that they had better stuff that V5 motor in the next generation VFR, or I may be trading my trusty steed for a Blackbird next year!!
What's with that bizarre side-saddle riding style? Is that going to part of the rule changes? :)

Looks pretty nice, and should be fun to follow the development of these bikes over the next year or two.
Looks like they are running a dry clutch.

I can't imagine that hunk of metal under the seat is a raditor. It doesn't look like it has any cooling fins and it's in a location that won't get much ventaliation.

I think rob is right on. Probably telemetry or computer for the engine.

Buddies of mine (in-da-press) say that the engine was reported to be 825 cc because honda believed it gave the right amount of power/size/weight. 230 HP from 825 cc? That's ridiculous, and at 320 lbs. That is crazy. That fairing looks wicked too but not really aerodynamic when you include the rider.
Re: Hmmm

Man whip out the microscope. I can't see any of those details.
Hate to say this, but on the web site, one of the photo's shows the "box" in question, and it appears to be an engine management system, or ECM (Engine Control Module). My belief on this is due to the fact that there seems to be a limited number(or no) sensors mounted on the suspension. These sensors would normally include linear potentiometers for measuring suspension extension rate and strok length, wheel speeds, etc. I don't see any of this on the RC211V.

Also, if you look at Honda GP bikes, typically their in-house telemetry control module is typically an anodized or zinc chromate plated box mounted on either frame rail, and has either 2 or 3 cannon plugs running to it. On this bike, that would equate in position to roughly the left or right side rear edge of the middle fairing sections.

Oh well, so much from the ramblings from a bored electrical engineer who still hopes to see the VR1000 win a race this year!

Can't wait until next year when I have a reason to watch GP's again. Also, I recomend checking out the Drysdale V-8 web site. They have a sound clip of the 1957 Moto Guzzi V-8 500cc 4 stroke bike with the 90 degree or "staggered" crank. It will send chills up and down your spine!
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Re: Hmmm

More Honda shots...

If anybody reads Japanese... could you translate it...?
God! I love listening to race motors!

My favorites include: Columbo or Lampredi designed Ferrari V-12s, all Ferrari Flat 12s, Honda inline five and inline six motorcycles, the Guzzi V-8, well tuned V-Maxes with pipes, 180 degree Honda V-Fours with pipes, multi cylinder GP 2-strokes, the BMW Mclaren F-1 roadcar, Four Rotor Mazdas, Audi Sport inline 5s, Naturally aspirated air-cooled Porsche flat sixes and Honda's late 80s V-10 F-1 motors.
Re: Hmmm

swing arms are bigger on one side because of torque. I think most manufacturers dont bother because, although it would save weight, it is more costly to make. the 929RR has a solid side and a braced side on its swing arms.
air intakes on tail section

It looks like there are air intakes on the tail section to either side of the bum stop pad behind the seat. Dunno if this means anything as it could be cosmetic or cooling for the ECU brain box.
Re: Hmmm

The swingarm appears smaller on the left hand side because of the chain passing through it. The exterior dimensions are usually the same. The solid side is strong due to being solid, so it can be light, but the other side requires extra bracing due to the hole causing stress concentrations.
I heard this too, but at a displacement of approx 940cc. Honda has years of data for 750cc x 4 cylinders, so if you add a fifth of the same displacement, you get 937.5cc. Basically it's a RC45 motor with an extra cylinder. They spent thousands of man hours on bore/stroke for the 750cc motor, so they can use this data rather than starting over with minorly larger cylinder bores/strokes.
Good point. Since the RC45 made 191hp at 15,250, this motor should make almost 240hp. well above what any tire can withstand.

Maybe I was wrong. 4 stroke GP might not be insanely expensive. It'll still be more than 2 strokers, but maybe not F1-like.
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