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Hate to say this, but on the web site, one of the photo's shows the "box" in question, and it appears to be an engine management system, or ECM (Engine Control Module). My belief on this is due to the fact that there seems to be a limited number(or no) sensors mounted on the suspension. These sensors would normally include linear potentiometers for measuring suspension extension rate and strok length, wheel speeds, etc. I don't see any of this on the RC211V.

Also, if you look at Honda GP bikes, typically their in-house telemetry control module is typically an anodized or zinc chromate plated box mounted on either frame rail, and has either 2 or 3 cannon plugs running to it. On this bike, that would equate in position to roughly the left or right side rear edge of the middle fairing sections.

Oh well, so much from the ramblings from a bored electrical engineer who still hopes to see the VR1000 win a race this year!

Can't wait until next year when I have a reason to watch GP's again. Also, I recomend checking out the Drysdale V-8 web site. They have a sound clip of the 1957 Moto Guzzi V-8 500cc 4 stroke bike with the 90 degree or "staggered" crank. It will send chills up and down your spine!
1 - 1 of 54 Posts
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