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Honda RC211V V-5 Pictures

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By increasing the brightness, you can see what looks like a regular sized radiator in the front to me. The thing under the seat "looks" to be small from the pic that you can see it in. I'd venture to say some sort of telemetry equipment just for testing, that or some ECU for the crazy engine. It doesn't look like there are any intakes for a second radiator, and it also looks quite void under the tail of the bike.

The swingarm is substantially larger on one side, thought that was odd, but I haven't noticed what the current Honda GP bike's swingarm looks like in particular.

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Re: Hmmm

It says: One fast ass bike, but still not as fast as the NSR, just yet, in early testing. Gives a description, can't read all of it.
That would be true if all five cylinders are all the same size, but that hasn't been disclosed yet. The way I have been hearing it, it makes power like a twin (front three firing at once, rear two at another interval), but with the amount of cylinders on the front, the engine would be out of balance so either there is a balancer for this or the two rear cylinders are larger each than the front three, hence the size may be 825 but I ain't no engine engineer. The reason they say it makes power like a twin is because it sounds like one, so the power pulses are spread further out than yamaha's screaming engine I heard in the video.
There's something I don't quite understand. This is a prototype bike. It is not (exactly) being exhibited publicly; rather, it is undergoing testing. Complex as it is, even moto-giant Honda faces a monumental task in shaking out the bugs, making the pieces work together, and getting the bike to perform at a competitive level.

So why is it already covered in sponsorship logos?

Is it just me, my imagination, or residual effects of drugs from the 70's. Does anyone else notice that the bottom of the fairing is HUGE ? Looks like piping on the leftside snaking it's way through there but from the size of it, they could fit a turbine in there. Lots of room for 5 pipes maybe ? The subframe is also larger than normal in the first pic but I can't see any radiators in there. It just looks larger and shorter. Probably just to support the tail section. Man, I can't wait till next year's GP's !!!
I second this opinion as to what the silver box thingy is (an ECM housing, that is). There's a photo on that clearly shows no finning or grill that would indicate it was some kind of radiator. Just a solid metal box. There doesn't appear to be much else inside the tail aside from the subframe.

PS- bravo to all posts thus far for being on topic and well thought out. very refreshing.
Thanx for the link! The bike looks and sounds great blazing around Phillip Island. Now if only Yamaha would let David Jeffries race it on the Isle of Man. Imagine that machine Screaming across the Mountain! Makes me drool....
RC 211v Rear end pics

Here is a great rear shot of the area under the seat. I have no idea what the metal box under the seat is but maybe someone else might be able to figure it out.
Numbers not pictures!!!

It's not about pictures ,it's about numbers!!!
I think you got a good point.

Not that I am an engine builder either but it would make sense to me that anytime you have an odd number of cylinders in a V configuration the cylinder sizes will vary to balance the engine.
Is there a rule that says all cylinders need to be the same displacement?? do you BALENCE a V-5? Counterbalencers?...not likely, they rob power. Pistons of different masses? larger slugs for the bank of two? Seems a logical but odd way to go about it. This thing is as weird as a three headed dog.
Everybody is trying to figure out how to make a V5 work... well... ask VW group. They are currently selling some of their cars with such engine. I know that’s no race engine, but for what I’ve read is supposed to work really good. That engine is a narrow V. It is basically the same engine as the VR6 but with one less cylinder. As a matter of fact it’s called VR5.

Due to the fact that the VR5 engine has a narrow V configuration, all the stresses are greatly minimized. And it’s behavior falls between the one of a V engine, and an inline engine.

Obviously the engine from Honda has a bigger V, but that not something it can not be taken care of with the proper firing, and a properly design balance shaft (which yes they rob power, but they also smooth the power delivery). Or, as some people is pointing, with pistons of different sizes.

These new engines are going to have so much power anyway, that I don’t think the engineers mind loosing a little bit in favor of a smother power delivery (which is the main advantage of these engines vs. the 2 strokes).

I can wait until the start releasing more info about these new "toys".
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I would think it would be easier for Honda to bore an RC45 motor (as a starting point) to meet the horsepower they need to achieve for GP racing. That basic configuration has won Honda a lot of races and they wouldn't have to deal with higher displacement bikes as in AMA Superbike. Anyone agree with me?

Guess it's not Honda's way.
Engine balancing has nothing to do with the size of the cylinders. It has to do with phasing, weight and couterbalancing via the crank and coutershafts. The Modenas is a V-3, and all the cylinders are the same size. If your theory is correct, the single would be double the size of the other two cylinders in the v, and that is simply not correct. In fact if the cylinders are different sizes, the power pulses would be of varying magnitudes making the engine very difficult to balance with varying speeds and throttle openings. It makes more sense that the cylinders would all be the same size and that the engine uses a complex phasing balancing process. There is no primary balance anyway as the V isn't 90 degrees.
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