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Honda Recalls ATVs

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Ya must of been riding SuperHogFatboyWIdeGLide model...and dropped yer beer as your softball glove flew of your head.
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Honda, Harley, Hyundai .....Hmmm they all start with the letter H.....what does it all mean.
Polaris would not do the recall. Just let the riders die and chalk it up to rider error.
It means that your really good at pointing out coincidences.
Better call Mulder and Scully, the truth is out there.
No it means I am bored and not looking forward to the holidays at the inlaws.
If it isn't sub par quads it is half ass assembled, ill jetted CRs. Honda wouldn't let this trend seep into their roadbikes would they?
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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