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Honda Reflex reader Feedback

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Being older than dirt and getting my first tickets on a vespa well before I had a license, I myself would not mind at all scooting around town on one.
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I may have just missed it in the article, but did you mention the price anywhere?
Where's my SWAG for being first post?
Good luck in Detroit

The motor city is designed for one type of transport only: cars. Making due with anything else (motorcycle, scooter, bicycle, mass transit) is considered hersey.

Ah well, I've been a heretic for a while now anyway.
What's up with all the scooter articles recently? Didn't you already cover a yamaha & an aprilia scooter in the last few months?

"Who will find use for the Reflex in the real world? ..........people who just want a way to ride a sporty, functional motorcycle without dealing with a clutch and transmission."

Who, Lamer Dorks? Are these the type of people who read MO? I don't think so.

I own 7 motorcycles and a Reflex scooter. I use the scooter in the city. No shifting and no hassles.
The irony here is that you read MO, and yet the answer doesn't occur to you.


It has enough go, looks, and amenities to be successful. I'm sure build quality will be up to snuff, parts will be available, and Honda will back it will the full efforts of their company. Everything will be perfect, but for one thing:

The customer.

Not many will drive (do you drive or ride a scooter?) this, at least not here in Illinois. The squids here knock you if you ride a 600 supersport, and that affects a lot of people. How do you think they'll treat the poor guy on this? It's sad but true that sales are made and broken on what a person believes another person who he doesn't even know will think.

But look at the price. If I could pony up another couple hundred, I colud get a Sportster, or a smaller japanese cruiser, or a GS500, or an EX500, or an EX250 with a bunch of gear, get my point.

I like it, even though I'd never ride it: I'm just not a scooter guy. But the only place this will sell is the city, and I just don't see it happening in America. Our roads are just too well developed, too open to make this a necessity.

BTW, slow down MO. People aren't going to start touring scooters like they do in Europe overnight. =)
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48 miles per gallon? I've gotten similar numbers with my Superglide! but I could see a scooter but only if it were priced incredibly low, like say 2500 or 3200, but 5400 out the door? there are too many good bikes out there for just a little more and a Sportster would be easier to move if you got tired of it. But there is the thing about not shifting, I owned a bicycle shop for a while and I did get a few people coming in asking about the bike they saw on the Tv and wanted one that didn't intimidate them. So why doesn't Honda just come out with an auto for the Goldwing, now that would sell!! But whatever, you see more of these things all the time but if I ever do go that way I'll buy Aprilia or something of that ilk

Good replacement for my TwinStar, if I could collect the dosh together... Easier to buy a Nighthawk 250, though. Why are scooters generally more expensive than regular motorcycles of similar capacity/performance?

BTW, I like the Helix, too...
Scooters making a comeback?

Actually, I've been seeing a lot of scooters around here (Richmond, VA) lately. I guess a lot of non-riders find them very unintimidating and cute. I can see them catching on in other cities that are fairly centralized.

Pete P.
I am waiting for the R1 powered scooter from Yamaha. That is gonna be great.
Great, MO has brought us YASA (Yet Another Scooter Article) instead of the results of this weekend's AMA Superbike & Supersport races. Shame on you MO. (And they expect people to pay for this?)

The Superbike race was awesome; I was on the edge of my seat. There were 6 riders in the lead pack with at least a chance to win as the white flag flew. The lead changed multiple times in the last lap, and was decided in a hair-raising, bar-banging, paint-scraping tussel at the final corner. The difference at the line was 0.005 seconds. And the race between 3rd & 4th was even closer! (They had to go to video replay for that one.) The championship points standings changed dramatically, too.

And MO brings us scooter articles...
I know an old guy who bought one. He could care less what young squids think, of course, and he's not interested in having the integrity of his arm sockets tested when he accelerates. He just wants a fun practical bike that's easy to throw a leg over and ride around town, even if you do have a little arthritis, without the fear of getting run over you have on 50cc scooters that can't even keep up with the traffic in a retirement community. A Reflex is absolutely perfect for *his* purposes.

It sure looks overpriced, but Honda may know what exactly what they're doing. They may be testing the market for a much more affluent bunch of largely untapped customers --while letting everybody think they're aiming at the youngsters!
Well, here in Indiana we have had people asking weekly when we will be getting out first units. I think that we already have all of our allocation pre-sold!!

Don't worry about the customer. As the saying goes, if you build it, they will come.
Re: it goes for $5,400 but you can buy an sv-650 for that

if theyre to take off here they need to be cheaper than that
Re: you cant be serious

r1 powered scooter....that alone doesnt make sense
i'd like nothing better than to see more scooters and motorcycles out there being used for actual transportation. all the parking and gasoline and roadspace it would free up? forgetaboutit!!!

seriously---it's just a matter of time
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