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Honda Reveals Four-Stroke GP Motor!

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Seth -

We were supposed to go to the drag strip last week, except there was this thing called "snow."

Be patient my son.
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If I remeber correctly, the halting of oval piston development had more to do with the rules banning them from competition that a failure of the technology itself.
Re: News Flash: AMA Unlimited USA-GP Series Announced

Good one Gabe
Yeah, you're right, bad quality is what Honda is known for . . . NOT!
They already have Hydrogen powered Internal combustion engines in use today. As a result I don't think you will ever see electric GP racing around the track.

Electric powered vehicles and all those Gas Hybrid's are just a stepping stone to the future of Hydrogen powered vehicles.
You could use the article. In the sprit of the late, great Gordon Jennings let me point out: The number of cylinders or bore/ stroke ratio has nothing to do with the shape of the power curve. The only thing that is effected is the maximum RPM the engine can turn, short stroke (from big bore or more cylinders) means the engine can turn more RPM. The Honda S2000 is, by motorcycle standards, very long stroke yet it is peaky and makes around 120 HP/ liter in EPA legal tune. That might not impress you compared to the GSXR1000 (also a long stroke design) at 140 HP/ liter but bikes have a much less restrictive emissions limits and they need to last much longer.

The bottom line is (to steal one of Gordon's great analogies) do you think the gasoline know if it is in a short, wide container (like a can of tuna) or a long, narrow containers (like a can of soup)? All the fuel/ air mixture does is burn, if there is lots of it and/ or it burns more often you get more power, if there is less or it burns less often you get less power.

I very much doubt the folks at MO have the resources to devote to a subject this complex. My favorite technical site, Wheelbase, is off line since Gordon died. Your best bet would be to find a good book (you can always start with by Kevin Cameron's Sportbike Performance Handbook) and read it.
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What would an American agency (the EPA) have to do with a predominantly European and Asian racing series? Last time I checked, there weren't any GP races in the US. The EPA's rules have little or nothing to do with the rule changes.
ok, bud,

i guess your naivety disguises the REAL world quite sublimely.

You are a damn fool to think they would use a production motor. Harley DEFINATELY has the funds to use top engineers from wround the world to build a world class motor.

Yeah, smart guy, lets compare race motors to street motors. Christ
Re: News Flash: AMA Unlimited USA-GP Series Announced

Daaaaaamn funny.

ROFLMAO.. MO.. I think you need Gabe writing for you.
Re: Dirty Oil

Yes, but your car has to go 5000 miles between oil changes. I think aerobatic aircraft run without oil filters. I think the engine will run fine for an hour or two without an oil filter. I might be wrong, but I don't think it was that stupid a question.

Solve this probelm by pre-running engine, then drain initial dirty oil. Then change oil after every race.
Two strokes use air. No oil filters there - Oil screen. I agree if you run in an extremely dirty surroundings (off-road) it would make sense to put oil filter in - hence the KTM comment. But for prototype production machine...

Obviously the reason is good enough because Honda did put one in. I just wanted to hear some comments on the issue.

you just keep making a bigger ass of yourself.
Draining never completely gets everything, and the added benefit of having a filter is if you frag something, or a little piece of debris (machining burr) comes loose, it'll stop in the filter before doing damage elsewhere past the filter. All 4-strokes I know of, racing or otherwise, use filters.
Fair enough. There are so many bearing surfaces in a 4 stroke that a little bit of dirt can probably do a whole lot more damage that on a 2 stroke.
1. Who cares if he subscribes to AOL? You? Like I don't care that you subscribe to Rump Rangers Quarterly.

2. It's a TYPO!

3. What kind of EPA-lovin', tree-huggin' E.L.F. **** are you? Ozone Al Gore, 'Zat you? This site is for gearheads, who, by the way, love the sound of IC engines. Also, this is meant to be a closed-course racing bike anyway. Duh! Electric bikes? Too funny. They would suck worse than the cars do.
Thanks for getting the stats for that moron, having worked with turbines, I found the article very interesting.
Re: News Flash: AMA Unlimited USA-GP Series Announced

That was fuggin' hilarious! MO, I think Gade sould be your Sr. Ed.
You are referring to production machines, GP is one off machines with services every few hundred kilometers.

Some reasons to return to the dark ages: less oil required, smaller pump for given pressure.

As I noted before, Honda decided to go with the oil filter and I am sure they have very good reasons. I just made an observation to try an get a reasonbly intelligent reply. Perhaps somebody out there knows about a previous 4 stroke race bike that ran without an oil filter.

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Re: And it's not ?

You might think the V-four was only in the "foo-foo" VFR800 but you obviously forgot something. The RC-45 was also a V-four. Ever heard of a guy named John Konsincski(sp), Aaron Slight, Colin Edwards or Carl Fogarty ? They all rode this V-four and John K won a WSB title on it. You are uninformed and anonymous. One thing you did get right was that Honda is a BIG corporation.
What does the EPA have to do with Grand Prix racing? There are Zero (0) races run inside the EPAs jurisdiction.
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