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Honda Shadow Spirit 750 vs. H-D 883R Sportster

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Honda Shadow Spirit 750 vs. H-D 883R Sportster

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SS750 VS 883R You need more time with them!

Hi, I just read the article comparing the ss750 & 888r. I am SERIOUSLY disapointed in your oppinions of the ss750. I own an 01 750 and LOVE it. I am 25 years old and have owned the bike since 03. I have tricked it out with over 30 mods and custom paint.
I just want to let you know I have been on 2 wheels since I was 5. On the road since I was 16, and ride both dirt and blacktop almost every week. I have owned over 13 dirtbikes, quads, and atc's. I have owned 5 street bikes. First 1979 Electraglide (FLH) Shovelhead, Second CBR 954RR, Third Shadow Spirit 750 DC (SS750), Fourth 01 Honda RC51 (1000cc v twin rocket), and most recently a 08 HD Nightster 1200N Sportster. I have plenty of road and track experience with all kinds of bikes.
About your article... First, I think you guys must have weak buts, only thing left stock on my ss is the seat. Last month I rode 9 hrs to North Carolina from MD. 5th time I have took the trip. I am 5' 11" tall and 182 lbs (NOT FAT). I ride my ss all week long in the summer to work, about 65 miles a day, and then average 200-400 miles on the weekend. My but only hurts after the 400 mile weekends. Second gripe... There is a HUGE aftermarket area dedicated to the ss750. Only thing lacking is engine aftermarket hop ups. Third... I have an aftermarket air intake kit w/k&n filter and VH Longshot exhaust and it beats the hell out of my friends 883r (He weighs less). As far as handling,, You need more seat time on the ss750 bc It handles very good in corners, just loose the peg feelers and your good. I blow peoples minds all the time with the way I can push it through the twisties. Once used to the bike, IF YOU CAN RIDE, it can take the corners very well for what it is!! As far as quality, you cant beat a HONDA. My 08 1200n feels like a pile of dung compared to the Shadow. Its engine and trans are very very noisy and clunky (Very disapointed in HD). Leaked oil from jugs on first ride also. Never 1 problem with the shadow yet. The 01 Honda feels like gold compared to the 08HD. Just wanted to let the average joe know that someone who has owned a SS750 thinks these guys got it ALL wrong on this one, find a friend's friend with one and see for yourself. My Honda also sounds more like a HD than my HD does(stock exhaust on HD, but) WTF!! Just my2cnts. James
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