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Honda Shadow VIN. Where Is It?

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VIN's vary from country to country. In what country was the bike originally sold?

The one you need is probably the one on the frame.
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You should be okay with the numbers etched into the frame and engine.
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On the neck on the right side. All VIN numbers are stamped in the same location since they adopted the 17 digit system. It's also on the downtube of the right side on the manufaturer label of bike discription. If you don't see it in one of those two locations then the frame is not original.
Is the bike exclusive to China/Asia market? If so, then the frame number you are looking at is probably correct. The motor is a common Honda setup. Other asian manufaturers have been coping the motor for decades. You sould not have problems sourcing parts, even if they are not OEM they will probably match up to OEM fine- so use them.
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The Chinese Honda VT doesn´t have a VIN because the frame has been made of people´s army surplus bed legs. There should be a yellow sticker under the batery tray clarifying the quality controllers number from the bed factory, you can contact them for certification.

- cruz-euro

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Actually the VIN is in Chinese characters. The 17 characters actually say" Why would you think we would have a legitimate VIN when we pirate everything in the world? You running American dog!"
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Who says he's American? Or even not Chinese? Or even a he? After all, she's living in China. Maybe she's Chinese.
Thanks for everyone's feedback. Some useful background:

I am in fact an American male, living and working here for the last 8 years. The bike in question was almost certainly made in Japan - hence all the Japanese-language stickers on the frame. Definitely not of Chinese make - I'm well aware of the local scene concerning the poor quality of rip-offs, and the Chinese don't make this one. In fact, it's technically illegal (I mean the engine, at 250 cc, is too large for China!). I'll use the frame number and see what I can come up with - although I made a big mistake before and said "Shadow", when in fact it's a "Magna". Sorry about that. I should know better - not a novice, riding for 25 years.
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