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How likely is the possibility that Honda will aquire Harley

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  • Maybe

    Votes: 8 19.5%
  • Not likely

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  • No Way

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Honda to buy Harley: Harley options zoom on possible Honda offer

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Harley options zoom on possible Honda offer
Globe and Mail - Canada
... surged to a record on speculation that the biggest US motorcycle maker may be acquired by Honda Motor Co., the world's largest maker of motorcycles. ..." Read More
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Honda isn't buying Harley....

First of all, the Harely shareholders would have to sell their stock that consistently pay good dividends and just keeps getting more valuable, now is that going to happen? Hell no! Anyhow, KPaul (by any other name is still the KPaul that got banned from MO in the "good old days") posted it, therefore is has to be bullsh!t. Anyhow, he thinks he is the best person that he can discuss things with. Does that say it all or what?

And if it does, there is always Victory, Moto Guzzi, Ducati, BMW and in a pinch Ural...

And MO2 is using the same lame censoring scheme that the old did. Shame on MO for censoring adult speech! But thanks for making it so easy to fool...

Who hasn't wasted time setting up a picture or custom sig...
First Honda doesn't have to buy all of the stock.. They can buy a controlling interest. Which may be very small percentage. Also I didn't make this up note the highly respected news source...Also go look at Harley news on Yahoo..
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Were you at Miller? I thought I saw a pillbox with a few rifles leaning up against it near the pits.
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While it's "possible" I can't see Honda being that stupid. They have to know Harleys cache would disapear overnight if it got out that Honda owned them. They'd be paying top dollar for a company whose value would diminish as soon as they signed the papers.

Why it's be as stupid as buying Radio City Music Hall or something.....
I thought that too...but what if hondas larger picture is to demolish harley and rebuild a new motorcycle industry? And I do like the Toyota/Lexus idea. Besides I think Harely has reached the point where they can't sell anymore coffee mugs.

I think this could be a fantastic success. I hear Honda is already planning a new Harley line called Hot Wingys. Whats more these will also have some snazzy 500cc inline fours revving up to 16k. These will indeed sell like hotcakes.

- cruiz-euro
lol....will the potato sound be replaced with a chicken sound?
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Hey if Honda buys Harley will that count for new Honda models? :)
my take

It's not a bad idea. One, only 1%ers would be the largest single group of buyers upset with HD- not a huge loss of consumer base. Two, stock prices would continue to rise. Three, Honda could instantly desolve the UNION and all the headaches that go with it. Four, Honda would go from one US manufaturing/assembly facility to four. Five, HD execs would all see wonderful buy-out deals hit their desk. Six, Buell would have access to Honda engineering. Seven, Honda could build water-cooled Harley's tomorrow. Eight, the Shadow series of motorcycles would be merged with the XL (Sporty) to create new and visually more pleasing 750-1200 motorcycles for both sides. Nine, every bike HD makes will instantly drop in price $2000 at the dealer (since the union will be desolved). And Ten, new product development won't take between five and ten years anymore for either company's cruiser lineup.
Sounds like everyone wins here.

As far as facilities and dealerships- Has anyone noticed over the last three to five years that HONDA is building stand-alone dealers (like HD does) at a clip of 20-30 a year, with sqft in the 20k range? Motosports in Canton GA is a multi-million dollar Honda dealer- Killer Creek in Alparetta only went $5mil at start-up. They spend very similar money>
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