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i really don't see the benifit of fuel cells, it is the quintisential feel good short sighted invention, sure they sound great, but people conveiniently forget where hydrogen comes from, OIL!!!!! least thats where they get it from now, you can make it out of water, but that takes lots of electricity which comes from among other things, OIL! then you have to keep it preasurized @ 5000 psi plus or refridgerate the bejesus out of it and by the time the water comes out of the tail pipe it is nowhere near eficient or non oil dependant, everyone forgets that hydogen is no more than a vehicle for energy, it takes as mich energy to make it as you can ever get out

fuel cell, no thanks, I'll burn alcohol or biodiesel,

I will be sad when I can nolonger accelerate amidst the syphony of my internal combustion engine, just can't see the whir of an elctric motor doin it for me.

rant off

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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