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Honda Winter Tests

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The Curcuit fastest lap in 2002 was by Barros at about 2:04.4, and they beat that the first day of testing on brand new bikes. Looking good! And NH is coming along.
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IRTA Day One Times

Of course, Honda is off to Phillip Island instead, but this is interesting. So much for the Aprilia Cube being an ill-handling peice of $hit as some here have suggested!

1. Alex Barros Gauloises Yamaha 1min 42.588

2. Carlos Checa Gauloises Yamaha 1min 43.277

3. Colin Edwards Alice Aprilia Racing 1min 43.699

4. Shinya Nakano D'antin Yamaha 1min 43.794

5. Marco Melandri Fortuna Yamaha 1min 43.810

6. Loris Capirossi Marlboro Ducati 1min 43.943

7. Troy Bayliss Marlboro Ducati 1min 44.125

8. Noryuki Haga Alice Aprilia Racing 1min 44.242

9. Kenny Roberts Suzuki Grand Prix 1min 44.558

10. John Hopkins Suzuki Grand Prix 1min 44.652

11. Olivier Jaque Gauloises Yamaha 1min 44.783
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Re: Pull finger Nicky

Ah. I will have to remember that one.
21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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