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Honda's '06 Road Race Team Line-ups.

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He is extraordinary.I am on a roll, two first posts!
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One Man's Opinion: Hardly Legal, Son

"This year's Daytona 200 is shaping up to be deja-vu of the 1994 Indy 500. The American Buells, with engines 339cc over the maximum allowable size for AMA Superbike, will be racing against Japanese bikes that are 300cc below the minimum size for Superbike." from One Man's Opinion: Hardly Legal, Son

Buells are not just air cooled. They have been modified to be oil cooled as well... Cheaters..
Well, the AMA legislated Honda out of flat track with their pro HD rules changes, they let HD run their superbike without homologation, and now these FX rules... gee, wonder why Honda resigned from the AMA boards????

The AMA does some great things for American motorcycing, but they should get the @#[email protected] out of the racing business.
Excellent Post

I agree. Maybe the big 4 Ducati and Triumph should start their own league... Each bike company would have one rep in the rules committee...
Re: The Buell is legal. GET OVER IT.

Honda spends more on paper clips than Buell does on racing, and Honda threw a Hissy Fit.

Buell built a bike that was within the rules.

Displacement isn't the only way to acheve horsepower.

Honda needs twice as many cylinders and 4 times as many valves to compete with Buell.
Re: Excellent Post

Would a new league be able to race the same tracks? Or does the AMA have say over who races.

Just wondering...AMA impaired.
Re: The Buell is legal. IT OWNS THE AMA.

It is legal because they changed the rules specifically to make it legal. The AMA should have opened a new class for those specs, or Buell should have built a 600cc inline-4 (god forbid).
Won't matter. Honda, Yamaha will win in the end.

It won't matter the Buell will lose... The Yamaha boys have the machine and the talent...Honda next

Buell will be lucky to complete the race.. Ever heard of the RC51... dude I think it won the WSBK and AMA champsionships with two Americans riding Edwards and Hayden.. Honda built it cause the WSBK rules favored Ducati V-Twins.. i.e they beat Ducati at their own game. At the time inline 4s coulld only be 750cc or less and V-Twins were allowed to be 1000cc.. There ain't no replacement for displacement

Doubt Honda will dust off an aircooled V-Twin just to beat Buell but I am sure they could...I don't understand Americans backing incompetence.. Americans should strive again to be the best not cheat...Oppps I forgot W is in the Whitehouse... scratch that... Enron, Katrina, Iraq., Deficit spending...Gone is the work ethic Clinton talked about "Play be the rules you should be rewarded" ..Replaced with take what you can...
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Re: Excellent Post

I think they'd be able to find a way.

AMA does not own the tracks. If all the big manufacturers jumped into a different leage/sanctioning body they'd be able to get their races onto the tracks. That's how track organizers make money.
Re: Won't matter. Honda, Yamaha will win in the end.

I'm going to go out on a limb and say all the protesting and quitting various AMA boards, etc.. is going to be all for nothing.

Buell may have been given a very nice hand-out with the rules but it sounds like this is going to be the first race for the XBRR. Brand new bikes & riders who haven't raced them before don't often win their first race unless they are seriously outclassing everyone else.

Daytona may be a huge track which would favor massive horsepower but all it takes is for the Buell to have one issue holding speed on the banking due to tires, suspension, setup, etc.. and that's it, no more chance for a win. Problems that might be sorted out by the middle of the season but could definitely be a factor at the 200.
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Re: Won't matter. Honda, Yamaha will win in the end.

Shouldn't your account be expired by now, kpaul?

You leave, you come back, you say you're leaving again, you stick around...

If MO were a groin, you'd be herpes.
Re: The Buell is legal. GET OVER IT.

A Buell with 150-ish horsepower vs an inline 4 with 150 ish horsepower. WHATS THE PROBLEM?

Honda and Yamaha have teams that have been together for YEARS and have raced the AMA tracks MANY times, with WORLD CLASS riders. And they're throwing a HISSY FIT over upstart Buell.

The FX rules were already in place, Buell took advantage of them.

THERE IS NO REPLACEMENT FOR DISPLACEMENT. Maybe that was true in the 50's. Yes their is: Multi Cylinder, Multi Valve, DOHC, High RPM, turbo, supercharger, etc, etc.

The Daytona Track favors I4's. The Buell may have the advantage on the short, tighter tracks. Buell should do better after a few races after the teams get a little experience.
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Re: Excellent Post

I hope they do find a way. Thanks for the info!
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